TShirt stencils are an easy way for kids to have cute custom made shirts.  Plus your kids will be so proud to take on “make your own” projects like this.  We at Kids Activities Blog would love to hear about your child’s stenciled shirt creation so please come back and leave a comment!

Make Your Own Stenciled Shirt : TShirt stencils for kids

TShirt Stencils

I’m always on the hunt for hip kids t-shirts that won’t drain my pocket book. Kids grow so quickly, I cringe at spending a ton of money on clothes. There are endless possibilities to this project. Switch up your design or pattern depending on the season, or even just use a plain shirt you already have in the closet.    I originally wanted to paint a heart on the front of this shirt, but since there was a pocket-I switched up my design to repeating triangles. And the best part is when your little wears their hand-painted shirt, they’ll beam with pride since they were the design star who made it!

What you need:
Plain shirt / Target: $5
Fabric Paint / JoAnn Fabrics: $2
Sponge Brush / Walmart: $1
Stencil / Printed on heavy card stock

TShirt Stencils: {Make Your Own} Stenciled Shirt

Make Your Own

Pre-wash your shirt before painting. Start by cutting out your printed stencil. I printed my pattern on plain printer paper, so I had to cut the pattern out of the paper, and then trace and cut it out of the card stock. Be sure to use card stock for your stencil.  Printer paper is not thick enough and won’t hold up to the fabric paint. Use scrap cardboard and place it in between the front and back of the shirt to prevent the fabric paint from bleeding through.

Kids Love a Stenciled Shirt: Make Your Own Tshirt Stencils

Stenciled Shirt

Using your stencil, lightly brush on your fabric paint. Be sure to use thin coats of paint to prevent bleeding. Hold down the stencil as much as possible to create crisp lines-I got a little lazy and my triangles look a little wonky! Use a small paint brush to touch up and lines that may need it. Repeat the pattern or flip the stencil so that it’s going the opposite direction. I only did one coat of fabric paint, but depending on the color you use, you may need to do additional coats. Have fun with it and repeat the pattern as many or as few times as your little heart desires! You could even do one triangle in another color to create a unique and one-of-a-kind shirt!

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