All Those Vacation Photos

Vacation photos are those photos that you want to share quickly.  This post is sponsored by  Disney Story.
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All those vacation photos can be organized and shared with Disney Story App

It was a rush on Sunday.  We had arrived home late the night before from our trip with the usual airport tale of lots of waiting and delays.

No one was particularly happy to be home.

Vacation was good.

No maid was coming to make my bed this morning.  No swimming pool sat outside waiting for the kids first dip.  No sailboat pulled up on white sand ready with ocean breezes for my next adventure.

We were home.

I needed to unpack the kids’ suitcases.  There were loads of sandful laundry.  The grocery store run needed to be done.  A mountain of mail that had amassed required attention.  Don’t get me started on all the email I missed…

I needed a vacation from returning from vacation.

I picked up my phone and watched the Story of our visit to St. Thomas:

It was energizing to remember how much fun we all had.  My overwhelming to-do list mentally shrunk as each photo triggered another funny story, silly moment and family memory.

The Story was made in a few moments sitting in the airport waiting for our plane.  This app automatically organizes the pictures on my iPhone into events and then the events are easily explained with captions and text.  It is all simple drag and drop contained in something I carry with me all the time.

The Story can be shared with others, but my favorite part is that it is handy to me to see all those vacation photos for a post-vacation pep talk!


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