match game

Every night I play a game with Rhett(4).

By his rules.

At first I was terrible at this game, but I am getting better with practice.

The Pajama Matching Game Rules

1.   Solid color pants go with solid color shirts (shirts may have some embellishment, but not a repeating pattern).

Example:   These black shorts match this black shirt:

2.   Patterned pants go with patterned shirts as long as the patterns are from the same character line.

Example:   Although not intuitive, these Mario Kart bottoms go with this Super Mario top because they are both patterns and both Mario:

3.   Monkeys are wild.

Example:   Because this shirt displays a monkey, it can be worn with any of the pictured bottoms:

OK…your turn.

What pajama top would you pair with these pajama shorts?

You are thinking that you should choose a shirt that is plain with no repeating pattern.


These shorts are UNMATCHABLE.

They have a Super Mario tag which renders them useless when matching them to the Batman shirt and we don’t have a plain colored Super Mario shirt so that won’t work either.

You are thinking that a monkey shirt is a good choice.


You really are a novice at this game.   Everyone knows that monkeys are wild EXCEPT when paired with black plain pajama bottoms with Super Mario tags.



  1. Wow. Making me thankful I have one who just REFUSES to wear matching pajamas. I’ve since given up – so long as he’s wearing a top and a bottom I don’t care what the heck he looks like. Always makes for some interesting comments when others see it, though. 🙂

  2. My little guy is six. And I would give anything for him to EVEN NOTICE there is a pattern on his pajamas at all. I think I’m going to photograph him each night in pjs for the next 5 nights and post the awesomeness that is his pajama fashion…

    Hey girl… how are you? Yeah it’s been like forever since I took a bloggy tour around to my fave bloggers… might be another 6 months… sorry 🙂 but it’s not cuz I don’t love ya…


  3. My 6-year-old will not wear new clothes or pajamas. He does not like new things. So his long jammie bottoms come up to his knees….his jammie tops are about 6 inches above his navel….he has muffin top over his waistband. All he needs is a belly button piercing and he’s ready to hit Wal-mart.

  4. My choice would be to remove the tag. 🙂

    I can’t get my 6 yo to wear pajamas, matching or not, unless it is below 40 degrees at night

  5. I love the way they think. One day, they will be inventing for millions!

  6. Mine purposely likes to unmatch his pajamas. He picks out what is the most comfortable and doesn’t seem to care what looks good together. Blue airplane pants with green and brown dinosaur top is one of his favorites right now. And he’s started this new thing where he likes to turn his pajama top inside out. I just don’t get it.

  7. Love it! I think like that sounds like the best game ever!

  8. My 3yo has a similar game, different rules. The primary colors MUST match (shade/tone doesn’t matter, so neon green goes with forest green), and patterns/pictures are totally acceptable on both pieces. And red and pink go together because they are the same color. Except when they don’t.

    You absolutely cannot take a solid piece and pair it to a patterned/print piece of a different color, even if part of the pattern or print is in the color of the solid piece.

    Pieces with words always match, regardless of color – so those “Princess” and “Diva” tops will go with any pants that have “Cutie” on the butt, etc.

    Got it??? Me neither.

  9. It’s anarchy here, I tell ya! We’ve got Mario matched up with Anakin, Batman tops with Spiderman bottoms (I know; you’re thinking this falls under the superhero genre but you’d be wrong; the Spidey bottoms are *winter* pjs!).

    I may write the follow-up to this piece, entitled, “That may be yours but it used to be mine!”

  10. Your boys wear pajamas? I’m happy if mine have underwear on, and maybe a t-shirt… It’s especially fun in the winter when they are “cold” but refuse to put on warmer clothes. If it is cold enough so there is frost on the car, you should wear clothes, even in the house. It can be warm in the dining room near the wood stove, but the rest of the house is down right chilly.

  11. Now I feel bad because I play a similar game but the problem would be mine not my son’s! It drives me nuts that Daddy dresses our son in mismatched pjs & even will put him in long sleeve shirt with shorts!!!! I just grin and bear it but it really makes me crazy! Oh but the unmatchable shorts I agree with the other poster, the tag must come off. 😉

  12. I hope mine never decide to play these types of games…guessing I would just throw my hands up and tell them to dress themselves and if they can’t find matching they will sleep in their underwear! Hmm…winning mom of the year – I know!

    BTW – I’ll see you at Bloggy Bootcamp…might be groggy since I’m driving in on Saturday morning but staying for cocktails of course on Saturday night!

  13. In my house we play these games with clothes not just jammies. And, for example, solid red shorts match a solid red t-shirt because duh red. They do not match a green shirt because that “looks too much like Christmas.” Plaid shorts match almost anything because they contain all colors. Preferably, they match something else which is NOT a solid color because patterns + patterns = good.

    The rules are completely different in my daughter’s room. Equally idiosyncratic, but different. You have my sympathy.

  14. I have one daughter who has to match perfectly, except pajamas. Pajamas are a free for all. My other daughter? The more mismatched and colors she can get in one outfit, the better. I love kids’ style choices!

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