To me, the number one problem with losing weight was just figuring out how to start.

Should I count fat grams or calories? Losing it.Tip 3

How should I do either?

Should I go no-carb? Low carb?

What did healthy eating actually look like?

In walked the most amazingly little gadget I think I ever seen… it is an app for your iphone, ipad, or ipod called LoseIt! and yes, there is even a website for non-Apple users.

You simply put in your gender, birth date, weight, height and how fast you want to lose weight and bing-bang-boom, you are good to go.

Every time you sit down to eat or drink, and every time you exercise, you just put in the information and does all the tracking for you. It tells you how many calories you can have each day, how much you have consumed already, and how much you have burned. LoseIt! has tons of restaurant, processed, and fresh foods to help you track everything.

For me, this FREE app was a lifesaver because it took the guesswork out of what food choices were better. Since I am not one that does well with a strict diet or a menu that some stranger has prepared, this app helped me learn what a proper portion looks like. That is a great lesson for someone who wants to not just diet, but to actually make a lifestyle change.

While there are tons of tools online (both free and paid), I find the convienence of the LoseIt! app to be perfect for beginners. Check it out!

Got a question?

I have tons of more tips and tricks share, but I am most interested in writing about what you actually want to read.

Shoot me a message at jamiearichardson at hotmail dot com, or comment below. I ™m not a medical professional, but I can share what I ™ve learned through my own journey.

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  1. I’m curious as to how you decided to go with counting calories? I’ve done Weight Watchers successfully on the old program, which went by calories, fat grams, and fiber. Unfortunately, I’ve gained all my weight back and I really don’t feel too excited about doing WW’s again since their new points system uses different values to calculate points and is a bit more complicated. I’ve never paid attention to calories; whenever I look at a food, I look at fat grams. What made you decide that calories were the important value, and do the fat grams enter into your decisions as well? I know that generally if something is low-calorie, it will probably be lower in fat as well, but I’m sure that’s not always the case.