Today’s Fantastic Friday shout-outs all have one splendid theme, “dessert”. I have a massive sweet tooth and am seriously itching to try making my very own thin mint cookies (why does Valentines Day mean Girl Scout Cookies in my mind?), these melt-in-your mouth mini-cheesecake cookies, homemade cream soda-pop, and fudgy molten chocolate cake. I am exploding in anticipation! Alas, I’m snowed in… I sense a grocery trip in my future. Till then, check out these “Fantastic Friday” posts… and if you have any sites to share or to give a shout-out to, please join us and link up!

Heidi, from 101 Cookbooks, loves cooking naturally and creating her own recipes. I love how detailed her instructions are! She claims to have insider knowledge of thin mints as a former girl scout and consumer of many a thin mint. They sound so good! If you are in a gluten-free household, Bitten Word, has a flour-free double chocolate crispy cookie that could easily be coated with peppermint flavored chocolate – yum!

And if chocolate doesn’t put you in the Valentines mood, surely cheesecake will!   Delightful Chaos has a super easy recipe for cheesecake cookies using a cake mix.   These are so easy your kids could help you make them!   Make it mommy’s Valentine from them!!!   They’d have a blast helping mix the batter.

This video is totally inspirational.   What interesting flavors of soda could I create?   Leave a comment and give me some ideas!   For some cream soda recipes check out Homemade Desserts.   Thanks Tak for the soda image!

Last but not least is one of my hubby’s favorite desserts.   He loves fudge (almost as much as he loves me) and he loves chocolate cake, why not mix the two in an Exploding-molten-chocolate-lava-cake from Modern Domestic.   Oh, I am getting hungry!

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Apple Snicker Salad

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