Colic Baby SolutionMy oldest child had horrid gas and was colicky for her first few months.   My husband and I remember hours of pacing, desperate for a solution to her discomfort.   We eventually found one!   Someone showed us how to press her knees into her chest and help our little girl release extra gas.   With our subsequent kiddos we used this “pooping” technique to make them go to the bathroom when it was convenient for us.   You know, you are expecting a massive blowout but also want to go to that play date at the park, the one with no bathroom sink where you can hose down your infant or change your clothes…. we would do this leg exercise to help our kiddos poo before we left so we could *usually* have a clean diaper the rest of the morning.   It made going out and about so much more convenient!   This video is of my third child when she was two months old.   Hopefully, it will help bring some sanity into the life of a new mom (especially if your infant is colicky).   This nifty trick only works until kids are 4-5 months old.   The muscles then change and leg presses aren’t as effective or immediate in making kiddos poo, but can still be used for gassy relief. Looking for a way to help your kids sleep? Cristy has some ideas of what works for her daughter over at Happily a Law Mama.

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  1. One of the no no of soon to be mothers is that on how to handle babies that will poo poo. And that is something that needs to be adjusted. I hope I can overcome that someday.

  2. This will definitely come in handy for me in the future! It’s my first time to come across this method. But I think I’ll use this with my next baby (in about 2 years time!).

    I never had any colic problems with my 17-month-old daughter, but it would have really helped a lot during the times we took her out of the house when she was still a baby. My husband and I used to be so stressed out, peeking into her diaper, wishing for the tell-tale scent of poop, so that we could head on out of doors!

    I’m glad I came across this page 🙂

  3. I used to do this with my baby and he learned to do it to himself! He would go a week sometimes without pooping and it helped him most of the time.

  4. I know that video is supposed to be useful, but the CUTE factor eclipses the task at hand. That’s the most adorable poop ever!