Play and learning with Lego bricks can involve more than just building.  Here are 10 things kids can do with Legos.  Kids Activities Blog loves Lego activities like these because they make learning fun for kids. Play and Learning: 10 Things Kids can do with Lego Bricks

Play and Learning

Legos are a classic and multi-functional toy for all members of the family.   They can play so many roles in play and learning activities.

10 Things

Here are ten ways for you to use everyone’s favorite bricks: 1. Lego Color sorting Set out pieces of paper corresponding to each color Lego that you're using.   Invite your child to sort the Legos by placing them on the color paper that they match. 2.  Paint your Legos Pour several colors of paint into a box lid or a shallow pan for easy dipping.   Grab the Legos and get to painting.   Smaller hands can use the big blocks, exploring the different prints that various sides and sizes of the blocks make.   Older children can make their own stamps out of larger Lego creations. 3.  Trace letters with Legos For beginning writers, draw letters on a large piece of paper. Children can trace the letter with Legos by placing them on the paper. This also allows them to practice the directions and order in which the lines and curves are made.

Lego Bricks

4. Use Legos to Measure Make measuring sticks out of stacks of Legos and use them to measure different objects around the house.   Refer to each block as a unit.   Children can practice counting the units and writing the numbers on a piece of paper. 5.  Spelling Practice with Legos Use alphabet stickers or a permanent marker to label Legos with letters.   Pre-readers can   put the Legos  in alphabetical order to create an alphabet tower.    Or they  can be used for phonic and beginning words for early readers.   They can be put together to practice spelling words 6. Legos Counting Practice Write the numbers 1-10 down the side of a piece of paper.   The child can practice one-to-one correspondence by placing the appropriate number of Legos by each number.

10 Things Kids Can do with Legos {Play and Learning Fun}

Lego Activities

7. Legos Patterns Create patterns using Legos for your little learner to recreate and predict what comes next.   For more difficulty, create patterns with different sizes and colors. 8.  Follow directions with Legos To practice following directions and writing numbers, I drew groupings of colored squares for Bear to count and recreate.   After he counted them, he practiced writing the number in the box below.

Lego Activities for Play and Learning Fun {10 Things to do with Legos}

Lego Ideas

9. Size order Create stacks of Legos of different sizes and ask children to practice putting them in order by size. 10.  Build and have fun! Dump out the Legos on the floor and create away!

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Moms love when play and learning intermingle.  These 10 things to do with Legos is the perfect example of hands on learning fun.  You might be interested in these other fun kids activities from Kids Activities Blog:

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