Play the name game!  Use these name activities for kids learning to spell names.  These name activities for preschoolers will have them engaged in learning play. What fun! Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Shaunna from Fantastic Fun & Learning as Quirky Momma for the day to share the name game and name activities for spelling.

name game toys for spelling - what a fun way to get boys involved in learning

Name Game with Toy Cars

I found some toy cars on sale recently, and I knew these would be a very fun way to spell names. I simply wrote on the roof of each car with a black Sharpie marker. The kids will spell their names by lining up the cars. After I check the spelling, they will play with them for a while as they wait for snack (or others to finish). Create your own alphabet letters using paint chips

Name Game with Paint Chips

We had a few paint chips in our supplies, and I am loving all of the colorful paint chip crafts I am seeing around the web. I added 1-inch vinyl letters to spell each child’s name. Ours were left over from an old mailbox project, but you can find them in the hardware department or use whatever labeling method you prefer. I love the way they look, especially for longer names (just be careful the paint chip you choose is long enough for the letters of the name). The gradual change in color also gives a self-checking option to help guide the kids, which I think is another bonus. Literacy activity for kids, based on a book!!

Name Game with Crayons

If I were still teaching in the classroom, I think this would be a very neat activity to go along with The Crayon Box that Talked , by Shane DeRolf and Michael Letzig, or a general getting to know you project. Each child could spell their name on their favorite color. Then attach a picture of the child and make an adorable wall display. Shaunna shares tons of fun things to do with kids over at Fantastic Fun & Learning.  You can also find her on Twitter as @Shaunna_FFL.

More Spelling Name Games

Kids Activities Blog loves when something simple like name activities for spelling names can be turned into great fun.  Other spelling and early reading activities can be modified for name games!

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