Today we are featuring a dozen preschool activities that will get little hands INVOLVED.  These activities for preschoolers will spark curiosity and maintain little attention spans! Kids Activities Blog is so excited to have featured Teach Preschool earlier today as a best blog pick.  Now we are highlighting some of our favorite preschool activities from that amazing resource. Preschool Activities new

Preschool Activities

Power of Play chats about how important play is in early learning.  Kids know this…they do it naturally.  It is us, adults, that often get IN THE WAY. Invitation to Play – create an invitation to play with your play environment.  Make it convincing.  Make it hands-on.

Preschool Art Activities

Googly Eye Easel Starters –  This is one of those “WHAT A GREAT IDEA!” things.  Using googly eyes on blank art paper on an easel can help get even the littlest artist ready to complete a face. Paint with M&Ms – Yes, you can really do that.  This simple paint recipe uses the hard coated candy and some water to create watercolor-like paint for preschool fun.

Preschool Outdoor Activities

Nature Shadow Boxes – A nature treasure hunt will be even more treasured if afterward these shadow boxes elevate preschoolers’ found objects to art. Preschool Snow Scientists – The first snow is outside…and inside!  Some fun activities for preschoolers surrounding snow.

Preschool Science Activities

Colorful Bubbly Science – Add color to baking soda and vinegar and you have a preschool dream – bubbly, fizzy, colorful fun! Clouds in a Jar – Seriously!  These are really clouds in jars that go along with a simple lesson on clouds and weather.  Such fun preschool learning fun!

Preschool Sensory Activities

Colorful Sensory Bags – These are awesome and would do some of us adults good as stress relief.  These simple {mess free – BONUS!} bags create new sensory input for preschoolers. Squeezable Water Play – Using condiment bottles filled with water of various colors, this simple preschool activity is a ton of water fun.

More Preschool Activities

Dramatic Play – This adorable outdoor cafe is the perfect backdrop for preschoolers to get dramatic. Salt tray writing – Letter creation was never this much fun at my preschool.  This will engage even the most reluctant writer. Paint and Write Preschool Boards – Similar to the salt tray, the paint board is just FUN.  Making letters and numbers in paint is awesome. Magical Moving Dots – Inspired by the book, Mouse Magic, preschoolers can create a magic dot cup.  Genius! Thanks so much to Deborah for letting us highlight some of our favorite Preschool activities from Teach Preschool!

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