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October is  Breast Cancer Awareness month.breast cancer awareness ribbon

What exactly does that mean for you?

For me?

The whole point is to educate usyou and me – about early detection of breast cancer.   Finding cancer early significantly increase the chances of a successful fight.   I am a gambling girl, but always try to keep the odds on my side.

Get a Mammogram

I know. I know.   Spending a morning at the doctor’s office is not my favorite thing either, but it is important.

My husband is a Radiologist.   He has read a whole bunch of mammograms.   So many that when I turned 40 last year he was relentless with his “encouragement” to go get my yearly Mammogram.

Normally, I am a procrastinator.   Especially when it comes to things that relate to ME.   He wouldn’t give up.

Have you scheduled your mammogram?

Have you scheduled your mammogram?

Have you scheduled your mammogram?

I finally scheduled it just so he would shut up!


I went to my appointment and found that it wasn’t nearly as horrible or scary as my mind had built it up to be.   In fact, where I went was a little spa-like. I was taken to a changing room where I took off just my blouse/bra and put on a short gown that opened in the front.   All my belongings went into a colorful beach bag for me to take with me.   Next I went out to another little waiting room until the Mammographer came and got me.   She took me back to a small room that had a large machine.   It was a little dark.   She walked me through each view they needed and helped position all my body parts in the proper alignment.

The whole visit only took a total of 30 minutes which surprised me.

I went home glad I could tell my husband that I had crossed my yearly mammogram off my list.

And then a few days later I got a call.   They wanted to take a closer look at a few spots.

*deep breath*

When I returned a few days later, my husband went too.   He wanted to take a look at the original mammogram and the Ultrasound that was taken for further investigation.   He and the Mammographer talked in medical-speak over each density on the film.

Turns out that everyone agreed that nothing looked serious and that these films would be a good baseline to compare with future mammograms…

This year I didn’t procrastinate a bit.   I made my appointment went in and didn’t even have to return for a follow-up.

It is important.

Help fight breast cancer

P & G is supporting the fight against breast cancer and giving you a way to help out:

  • Save while you give. TODAY {October 2} and Sunday, October 16, a GIVE Hope brand SAVER will be distributed in newspapers across the country, with discounts for P&G products. For each GIVE Hope brandSAVER coupon redeemed, P&G will donate two cents to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Share with friends. LIKE P&G Beauty on Facebook.  For every like , P&G will donate 10 cents to National Breast Cancer Foundation to further support their mission of saving lives through early detection.  
  • Buy, give and get.    During the month of October, consumers will receive a $10 rebate  and will also trigger a $10 donation to National Breast Cancer Foundation with the purchase of $50 worth of P&G Beauty products including Venus, Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Nice ˜n Easy, Pantene, Safeguard and Ivory.

Enter here to WIN a P & G Gift Basket!Breast cancer P & G

We are really excited that P & G, Hearst and The Motherhood are providing a GIVEAWAY on She is Dallas:

  • A gift basket of P & G Beauty products {it will be an assortment of some of the products in the image to the right}.

To enter {leave a comment below for each entry}:

  • Leave a comment below about your personal experience with breast cancer or advice about early detection or fighting cancer.
  • LIKE P&G Beauty on FB {which will also trigger a donation to NBCF – yay!}

The giveaway will end Friday, 10/7/2011 at midnight CST and the winner will be contacted via email.

GOOD LUCK…and if you have been procrastinating about a mammogram–> MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

This information has been provided by P&G, Heart and The Motherhood and I have been compensated for my participation in this campaign. My personal story and opinions are my own.  

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  1. i want my pink roll cover ,this is the 8th and i bought two 12 pkgs for to get the cover and now i can’t enter the code

  2. My wonderful mom is a 5 year breast cancer survivor which was detected because she has mammograms every year