$20 for 20 visits to Elite Fitness for Women (value $200)

We think you’re perfect just the way you are, and no, that dress does not make you look fat. But if you insist on shedding a few pounds or just toning up that beautiful body of yours, then this deal from Elite Fitness for Women in Las Colinas is for you.

You’ll pay only $20 for 20 visits to the fitness facility designed exclusively for women.   We’ve checked and re-checked the math, and that comes to about a buck per visit. Normally worth $200, these 20 visits will allow you to get a good taste of all that Elite Fitness for Women has to offer.

About Elite Fitness for Women

Many years ago, fitness was a man’s activity, and it involved a bunch of handlebar-mustachioed guys throwing around a medicine ball while the womenfolk stayed home and did laundry on a washboard. Now many women have exchanged that washboard for washboard abs through a variety of empowering fitness options. Elite Fitness for Women is dedicated to helping women transform themselves physically and emotionally with a complete circuit facility, free weights, treadmills and elliptical trainers, as well as a variety of exercise classes and boot camps designed especially for women.

You have until August 31st to grab this GREAT DEAL.

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