How to Buy a Mattress Sleep Chat

Each month Sleep Number holds a #sleepnumber Facebook and Twitter online chat.

win a queen bed from sleep numberThis month I am hosting!

Join us for our next Sleep Better Chat on Thursday, August 18, 2011, from 7-8 p.m. CST.

I (@Texasholly) will be joining @SleepNumberSara and @SleepGeekPete to share share professional tips and tricks on how to buy a mattress  so you learn everything you need to know about shopping for the perfect mattress.

OK, my involvement may be more “real world” than “professional tips and tricks”.

You can participate in the #sleepnumber Sleep Better Chat in two ways:

1) Like Sleep Number’s Facebook page and click on the Sleep Better Chat  link on the upper left corner to log-in and participate on Thursday night. Log in with a username and include #sleepnumber in all your comments to participate.
2) On Twitter, follow @SleepNumberSara and @SleepGeekPete and include #sleepnumber hashtag in all tweets so we ™ll see you're participating in the conversation.

Oh, and guess what?

You could WIN a Queen Sleep Number P5 bed!

All chat participants are eligible for a chance to win a Queen Sleep Number p5 bed set with UPS shipping.

To enter to win:

  • You must sign-up/RSVP at (make sure you enter your Twitter handle or the name you use in the Facebook Cover It Live event box so we can properly identify you!)
  • Must participate in the Sleep Better Chat to be eligible to win with the #sleepnumber hashtag.
  • Full sweepstakes details available at the above link.
  • Winner will be announced on Friday.

Good luck to you and see you at the chat on Thursday!

P.S.   Don’t forget about our other contest to win Temperature Control Sheets from Sleep Number valued at $224.


  1. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve wanted one of these beds. I’ve gone to many of the showrooms and checked them out. Just never could part with the money to get one. I’ll be there for the chat though !!

  2. I have owned a Select Comfort QUEEN bed since the early 90s and have never had one bit of trouble out of it. Yes, it was fairly expensive then ($1800), but with my back problems from a car accident I had at age 18 (30 years ago), I had a difficult time with conventional beds – no matter how soft, hard, firm, pillow top, etc., they were! Sleeping on a regular boxed spring mattress made me look (and feel) like an old woman in the mornings .. all bent over, trouble straightening up, rough nights sleep .. it was awful.

    When my (ex) husband and I got this bed, I knew it was a winner. The first night was rough (my back was adjusting to support!), but after that, no problems at all! The 90 night guarantee was not needed! Since my divorce, my husband even purchased his OWN Select Comfort bed. lol

    I tell anyone who has back problems, leg problems or any nights of fitful sleep to BUY ONE OF THESE BEDS! It will more than pay for itself in the long run. No turning the mattress, no worries about the bed wearing out, the mattress is room temperature when you get in and .. in the winter months, warms up QUICKLY from your body heat and is cooler in the summer.

    I’m trying for this bed because mine is so old, it was purchased before the wireless models came out. My son needs a good bed, so I would give him my old bed and use this one for myself! ; )

    Thanks for this opportunity. I could easily be a Select Comfort spokesmodel. ha ha I LOVE THIS BED!!

    ~ Em

  3. I’m trying to win the sleep number bed. Right now I’m sleeping on a futon and I have a bad back with two herniated discs and I’m getting cortiosteroid injections in my neck for a severely pinched nerve causing me severe daily migraines which I am sure not being able to move at times when I wake up, and being sore all over, including part of my neck problem, is due to the lack of a really great mattress like this one. We were looking, but just can’t afford anything right now with twins +2, so I sit, wait, and suffer. I followed all of the rules in hopes of possibly winning.
    Thanks for your time, and for this giveway. Shelly

    I signed up with name and address.
    Following on FB
    Following both parties above on Twitter

    PS- What is 7-8 centra time in Easter standard time? I don’t usually stay up very late due to exhaustion, but sure will try. Never did a twitter chat b4. Thanks.

  4. Ok..I managed to get on. Where is the chat at? I’ll search!! xoxo Shelly

  5. Oh, I guess this is it. It’s 10 pm here, so i THINK it should be starting now if translated into CST. Anyone out there? 🙂 After a day of chasing twins..I don’t know how long I might last! lol. Hoping everybody is well.


  6. PS- last night I retweeted, Google +, anbd liked this on FB to.


  7. If I wasn’t going to be in physical therapy during the chat, I would totally go for this. 🙁 But I’ll be sure to spread the word about the chat session with my followers. Such a great deal!!

  8. jen gersch says:

    getting an error on fb chat, anyone else

  9. at the party

  10. When will the winner be announced. Not eager or anything..ha ha. Dying to get off this futon if possible.

    xoxo shel

  11. I’m a total doof. I signed up thinking it was Friday TOMORROW. lol Errr…Sorry!

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