artizone grocery delivery in DallasI love food.

I also believe that everything in the world should have a drive-thru.

Not a bad idea, eh?

But I have found something EVEN better.   It is Artizone, a grocery service that delivers to Dallas and the surrounding suburbs.

Last week I ordered from Artizone online.   They have a list of Dallas area specialty shops (1888, Busy B’s Market, Dallas Fine Wines, Empire Baking Company, Flavors From Afar, Hirsch’s Specialty Meats, Holy Ravioli, JJ&B – Jellies Jams & Butters, Kessler Cookie Company, La Duni, Larken Farms, Rex’s Seafood, Scardello, and Spiceman’s FM 1410) to choose from and be delivered in ONE delivery.


I chose a rump roast, peaches, new potatoes, a small mystery vegetable box, two kinds of fresh pasta (one was a prepared meal), two bakery breads and some organic eggs.   The total was around $80 and delivery was free.   I felt like it was a bit more than I would spend in a store, but this variety is not available to me in the suburbs.

I called the customer service line because I suspected   I was out of their delivery area (I live in Flower Mound), but they told me they are expanding and would be able to deliver to me with some specific instructions of what to enter online.

The boxes arrived as scheduled and it was just like Christmas!

Everything was packaged in cardboard boxes with brightly colored tissue paper.

Then I saw the eggs…

Artizone delivers organic eggs and other groceriesThey are beautiful.   Almost too pretty to eat!

The meat was wrapped in butcher paper which makes sense since it came straight from the butcher.

I prepared it the next day and thought it was very good quality.   My family questioned whether I had cooked it which is always a good sign.

Artizone delivers meat and other groceries in DallasAnd the mystery vegetable box was full of fresh potatoes, squash and cucumbers.

Artizone fresh produce straight from Dallas area farmersThe bread smelled amazing.

The baguette spent about 30 seconds on my kitchen counter before someone cut a slice.

Artizone fresh bread delivery in DallasThe fresh pasta was packaged with a frozen insert so the frozen meal stayed cold.   I set it directly in the refrigerator and made it for dinner tonight.   It was really good.

Artizone delivers Holy Ravioli fresh pasta in Dallas areaI was so inspired by all the gourmetness, that I used the cucumbers to make Cold Cucumber Soup.

Cold Cucumber Soup

I was really impressed with this company.   An hour or so after my delivery someone called to make sure I was happy with the order.

They seem to be expanding the delivery area quickly with the goal of covering the entire metroplex soon.

I love the convenience of Artizone grocery delivery and will be ordering again soon.

She is Dallas info:   Artizone‘s “passion is to bring the luxury and beauty of top artisan products into the comfort of your own home.”   You can shop the website, interact with them on FB and follow them on Twitter as @artizone.

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  1. This sounds amazing and I really like the mystery vegetable box – very nice Artizone, very nice! Oh and I NEED want your cold cucumber soup recipe…..asap.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone, TexasHolly! We love seeing what people create with their orders, and we agree delivery is “just like Christmas” ”full of exciting boxes to open!