Today is another day on our quest for cheap meals with the help of Oprah and Chef Cat Cora! Holly squeals with excitement hoping to over come her kitchen fatigue. Today is day four of the Chef Cat Cora 21 meal menu as seen on the Oprah show. Let’s make breakfast! Lemon-Pecan Pancakes

Lemon-Pecan Pancakes breakfast day 4

These pancakes took only a few minutes from batter to plate.   They were easy.   THEY WERE GOOD.

We are talking fine dining good.

They tasted absolutely yummy with real maple syrup and mixed berries.

The Verdict?


1/5 won’t eat anything with nuts in it and really missed out.

The post cooking reality report:

I will definitely make this recipe again.   Maybe tomorrow?

The portion size was good.   We had two or three pancakes left over which are no longer in the fridge due to snackage.

I am still dreaming about the lemon-pecan pancakes, but it is time for lunch

Fuji Apple, Walnut and Herb Salad with Roasted Chicken Apple, Walnut and Herb Salad with Roasted Chicken Alrighty, as you seen in the picture this is the amount of the entire recipe. Nothing else. We ended up putting it on lettuce and I ate it with a full grilled cheese sandwich because unless the salad is HEAVY on the meat and nuts it won’t fill me up. Speaking of nuts…the shopping list that we took to the store said we needed “one small bag of nuts – walnuts, pecans or mixed”.   We used the majority of the bag for the pancakes this morning (totally worth it) so there wasn’t enough.   And we bought pecans – so the recipe title really doesn’t apply to what we made! I was also glad that we had enough of the Cinnamon Roasted Chicken we made the other night to shred for this salad.   If I had to roast a small amount of chicken specifically for this recipe I would have gotten very grumpy. The Verdict? 2/5 liked this recipe. 3/5 are really tiring of trying new things… The post cooking reality report: I will make this salad again for a side dish or to take to a ladies’ luncheon.   The taste is good, but it is very light food.   My children took one look and begged for grilled cheese.   Me too... It took a reasonable amount of time to prepare for a lunch if pre-roasted chicken is available. The portion size is small.   This amount might work if you put it on lettuce and use it as a side dish. So, let’s find out what is for dinner! Creamy Pasta with Chicken, Kalamata Olives and Broccoli

Day four dinner of creamy pasta, chicken, broccoli and olives


I swear we followed the recipe and no creamy appeared…

This might have been magnified by the fact that we just felt like there was too much pasta in relation to chicken, olives and broccoli.   After the meal we had this big bowl of pasta left over with all the chicken, olives and broccoli picked out of it:

Day 4 pasta left overs

The Verdict?

3/5 really liked this recipe.

2/5 really liked portions of this recipe which they picked out of the whole.

The post cooking reality report:

I will make this again with some modifications.   I will double the chicken, broccoli and olives.   We really liked the fresh taste of this meal.   It is not heavy, but filling.   It can be easily separated for picky eaters.   It took a reasonable amount of time to prepare for a dinner.

The portions are good.   I think there would even be some decent left-overs when I double the chicken, broccoli and olives.

Overall, today was a good success.

One of the benefits of forcing my family onto the 21 meal menu is it forces my children to try new things because it forces me to serve new things whether I think they will like it or not.

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And soon there will be tomorrow…

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  1. The pancakes sound amazing! We get to (or have to) try new foods all the time since my husband is a caterer. Sometimes a plain piece of chicken and bland rice is all we want.

  2. You are doing great! I’m a little disappointed that your grocery list isn’t more accurate. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. Can you post the pancake recipe? Or a link to the recipe? I would love to try that…is it really lemon-y?