Young children love to learn  so pre-reading activities can be a great way to get them started down the wonderful road to reading.   Letter activities for preschoolers like this one can teach concepts like soft and hard letter sounds in a fun and exciting way.   We love making learning fun at Kids Activities Blog!

pre-reading activities

Pre-Reading Activities

My son is 3.5 years old. He is in the sensitive period for language. He is curious and driven to learn and to understand sounds, letters, words and stories. One thing of utmost importance to him these days is figuring out soft and hard sounds, like “g” and “j”. Words like “giraffe” and “jellyfish” can be confusing to a child. Same sound, different letter. In order to directly address this desire to learn, I created a simple, concrete work for him to begin to recognize and to learn vocabulary where these confusing parts of language creep up. Materials
  1. A small box or basket
  2. A mat or piece of paper
  3. A way to illustrate the letters either with a marker, foam letters, etc
  4. Objects to fill the box or basket

letter activities for preschoolers

Letter Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Choose one focus area (e.g. “c” and “k” or “s”, “g” and “j”, etc)
  2. Choose a box or basket. I chose a container that opened to make it a bit more engaging and exciting for my son.
  3. Gather your objects. Keep it simple with maybe six or eight objects
  4. Place work on a tray or neat table
  5. Introduce the activity by inviting your child over to the work tray or table
  6. Walk the child through the activity by first identifying the items and naming the objects. Then ask the child to name the objects.
  7. Sound out “J” and “G” (the same sound) and then sort the objects under their appropriate first letter.
  8.  Then offer the child a turn. If he declines, simply place the work back on the shelf or table. If not, allow him space to work on his own.
This activity is simple, hands on versatile and easy to put together.   You can stretch it across a variety of language learning and your child will enjoy it. Thanks for reading! I hope we inspired you today! Marnie

More Kids Activities  

Pre-reading activities are a great way to get your child excited about reading.   Letter activities for preschoolers can help to explain important concepts in a fun way.   For more kids activities for your pre-readers, take a look at these ideas:

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