We are in the midst of teaching two of our kids how to read. With the use of phonics activities, our son is forming words, slowly and surely, while my daughter is eagerly sounding out her letters. It is so much fun to experience their excitement for words!    We at Kids Activities Blog hope that some of these great ideas will help you share some of this excitement  for words with your own kids. . how to read

Phonics Activities

Make a phonics flip-chart to help your child sound out words.   We have one with three and four letter words.   They are great to help establish confidence in sounding out words. Use pull-out strips to help kids sound out words.   As they pull the paper more of the word is revealed for them to sound it out. Get clever.   Use manipulatives that match the sounds.   This teacher used Fry boxes – for practice of long I words. Be physical and get moving in this phonics game!   Fill your driveway with chalk letters and have your kids jump to the letter that makes the sound you are saying. Phonics phones – made from PVC pipe – they help your kids hear the words they are reading: This Kids Activity is cute.   Go bowling for phonics – when they knock down a pin (aka soda bottle), they say the word. How to use a slinky or a flyswatter to help your child sound out words.   Great ideas for a classroom.

phonics activities

How To Read

Play with word families.   Replace the first letter of a word with common endings. 10 Word games for kids – Love this list from No Time for Flashcards.   It includes a Rhyming Word Families Tree.     Make a tree and have each branch be a type of word. Have leftover Easter Eggs.   We do.   Practice word families by turning the halves of the eggs to form new words. Go on a letter hunt.   This is especially fun for the younger learners.   Have them cross off (or fold in the case of this post) the letters down as they find them. Here is a free printable word slides to help your child learn new word families. And everything is more fun when you sing!!   Just ask Mary Poppins.   Here is a silly sounds of the alphabet to a song that my kids enjoy. .

How have you helped your child learn to read?

More Kids Activities

Learning how to read is a major accomplishment in a child’s education.    Hopefully these phonics activities will make learning a little more fun.    Take a moment and look over these other reading-related kids activities:

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  1. I love so many of these ideas. For some reason the Pinterest button never works for me to pin from this blog.

  2. Phonics Hang man is fun and educational. My grandson wanted to play hangman with his older sisters but was still not ready to play on their level. So I adapted the game for him. I choose a 3 or 4 letter word and write the blank lines for those letters. Then I tell him the letter sound and he must identify the corresponding letter. The hangman is filled in for incorrect answers ( I modified the man to have plenty of parts so failure is avoided). Once all the letters have been filled in we sound the word out together. He felt as though he was winning and loved to share the new words he had “won”. This game can be played almost anywhere. His older sisters even got a kick out of playing with him so he really felt like a big kid. I used it with my pre-K class in small groups and they also loved it.

  3. I would like to link this post to my ABCs Series of Thrifty Teaching Tools under P for Phonics. Is that all right? My series starts Jan. 7and runs for 5 days along with 67 other Kid Bloggers. Thank you.