This 3-Year-Old Channeled Leslie Jordan While Giving Mom a Manicure and I Can’t Stop Laughing [Video]

Toddlers are the best. I love to just listen to my daughter ramble because I swear little ones come up with the best stuff to say!

If you agree, you’ll love this video… This 3-year-old channeled the late Leslie Jordan while giving her mom a manicure and it’s cuteness overload.

Meet 3-year-old Addy Catron, she is basically the queen of Leslie Jordan impressions and people cannot get enough.

In the video her mom Kayla posted, you see Addy giving her mom a manicure.

Of course, the manicure is a bit messy and mom says:

“Oops, you got it on my finger,”

Kayla (mom)

that’s when Addy backs up and replies:

“I’m trying my best, honeeeeey!”


OMG so cute and it’s total Leslie Jordan energy. Even her face looks like a Leslie Jordan facial expression!

People are commenting things like:

“She reminds me of the actor Leslie Jordan. Sounds exactly how he would have said that,” a user said.

“Between that personality smile, she melts hearts by the minute. Such a beautiful soul. She makes the whole world small,” a person commented.

“I can’t stop laughing!! When my youngest was small she always wanted to do my toes!!! About the same quality job!” another wrote.

Seriously, so cute! You can watch the video below.

@addytok2022 She tried her best honey ? #fyp #fypage #trending ? original sound – AddyTok

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