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Summer is here so my friends and I took the kids out for a day of exploring in Irving.   We saw Fritz Petting Zoo, the Mustangs of Las Colinas and even took a free ride on the Las Colinas monorail!   I love summer!


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We got off the monorail and walked up one of the canals when the kids started getting hungry.   Luckily, we found Subz N Stuff.   We soon discovered that it was the perfect deli for a simple but quick and delicious lunch.

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She Is Dallas info: Subz N Stuff is located at 220 Las Colinas Boulevard East near 114 and O ™Connor, next to Cafe Cipriani.   Free Parking is available in the VHA parking garage. Parking tickets are validated with purchase.They are open Mon – Fri until 5:00 pm.   For more information, please check out the Subz N Stuff website.

The owners work behind the counter and came out into the dining room to chat with our children.   They are so friendly that you can’t help but feel welcomed. It is kind of reminiscent of the old TV show Cheers as the owners call out greetings to their regular customers as they walk through the door.

I can honestly say that the subs at Subz N Stuff are really fantastic. My son said it was the best sandwich he’s ever had. You can really taste the freshness in the meats, cheese and bread. And there is a LOT of meat and cheese in these sandwiches.

There is an extensive menu to serve any lunchtime craving.   I ordered The Cowboy sub which comes with provolone cheese, ham, pastrami, cotto salami, bologna, and pepperoni. As you can see I had to squish the sandwich a little just to be able to hold it.


half eaten sub sandwich 600x350Subz N Stuff uses quality meats that are big on flavor and are 98% fat free. They slice meats and cheeses fresh when you order.

They also have frozen treats and some yummy cookies for dessert.

So if you are lucky enough to live or work in the Las Colinas area or you just want to have a fun outing with the kids for lunch and a ride on the monorail, then make plans to check out Subz N Stuff.

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    A must visit place!!

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