This sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie…

Apparently, there is a giant flock of sheep that have been walking in a circle for 12 days straight and nobody knows why.

People’s Daily/Twitter

Creepy, right?

I mean, my first thought was totally aliens. Has anyone seen the movie Signs?

But seriously, this flock of sheep has everyone scratching their heads.

According to reports, dozens of sheep have been walking around in a circle for 12 days straight in northern China’s Inner Mongolia region.

People’s Daily/Twitter

The sheep owner, Ms. Miao, claimed this strange behavior began with a few sheep before the whole flock joined in, Metro reported.

People’s Daily/Twitter

Oh and get this, while there are 34 sheep pens at the farm, only the sheep in one of the pens — number 13 — have been acting this way.

Um, creepy, right?!

In the video shared to Twitter, you can see the sheep continuously marching clockwise in a nearly perfect circle on a farm.

There are some sheep that are just hanging there like, “what the heck are you all doing?”.

People’s Daily/Twitter

While nobody actually knows why they are doing this and whether or not they are stopping to eat, drink and sleep, there are some theories.

Some people are saying the sheep’s behavior could be caused by a bacterial disease called Listeriosis — also known as “circling disease.” 

“Initially, affected animals are anorectic, depressed, and disoriented. They may propel themselves into corners, lean against stationary objects, or circle toward the affected side,”

according to the Merck Manual
People’s Daily/Twitter

I mean, that could totally explain it but there has to be an easy way to test for that right?

Until we know for sure, this is totally creeping me out and of course, we just hope the sheep are okay!

You can watch the video below.

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