My Car, My Think Tank

Inspiration comes at the oddest times and in the strangest places.

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First I should explain that my mind is one that seems to be in constant motion. I ™m always thinking. Not necessarily lofty thoughts either “ if that were the case I ™m sure I would have made better grades in college physics.

It's just that I ™m usually thinking quickly about several things at the same time, moving from one thought to the next at lightning speed. This can be a communication issue when talking to my hubby. He's still pondering my question, what shall we have for dinner , while I ™ve moved on to the car needs gas , mom's on her way over  and let's book the flights for vacation . Let me assure you that chicken  is not the right answer to the vacation question.

It's not hubby's fault. My mind moves faster than even I can process, which can be good but most the time it's a nuisance. I ™ll have a fabulous idea but before I can truly think about it, my mind is on to something else. And I ™ve forgotten my fabulous idea.

This has been happening to me a lot lately. Quite frankly, I ™m getting tired of my lack of focus. I want to sit at my desk, creative ideas flowing without forgetting them in a nanosecond.

Luckily I ™m able to find calm, relaxing places that allow my mind to wander and the creativity just flows. Bad news is these places are a bit unusual.

VW Beetle White Bud VaseTake my car, for example. A VW New Beetle, complete with the bud vase and flowers, it's a great source of inspiration for me. Not sure whether it's simply the look of the car, or perhaps I unknowingly purchased the premium model that emits creative energy when the engine is on. Whatever it is, the Beetle has become a think-tank for me.

It never fails either. I ™ll be driving down the road listening to Gaga, or U2 or whoever and creative ideas and thoughts just flow one after the other. It takes forever to get to my destination because I ™m constantly pulling over to record my ideas so I won't forget them.

Walking the dog can also be a good way to gather thoughts. Just me and my pooch strolling in the neighborhood. Listening to the sounds of nature and the cadence of Kylie's trot, here come the creative ideas. Embarrassing part is that I ™ve noticed I talk to myself while I ™m doing this, trying to keep track of all my thoughts. I ™m sure the neighbors have written me off as the crazy person walking her dog and carrying a bag of poop.

Yet apparently for me, the absolute best time and place for creative thinking is on Sunday. In church. During the sermon. How embarrassing. My minister is not going to like this.

The lights are dim, the air is cool and I ™ve got nowhere to go for a good 20 “ 30 minutes. It's perfect!

I ™m sure others sitting near me think I ™m taking copious notes about the lesson. Nope, I ™m frantically scribbling my ideas in the margin of the bulletin before my thoughts escape me. There's almost a rhythm here: listen, get creative idea, write notes about idea, listen again.

Except, of course, that I ™m supposed to be listening intently to the great life lesson set before me each week. My sincere apologies to our wonderfully gifted minister. I really do hear your message. Maybe you're a bit too inspirational?

While my ability to multi-task has served me well during my career, my busy mind is not so productive in this new phase of work when I ™m trying to be creative and focused. That requires one to be calm. If you ™ve met me, I doubt laid-back  and calm  are words you use to describe me.

I should be able to sit at my desk in our beautifully remodeled office and be inspired. After all, we spent big bucks trying to make it an oasis for working at home.

What's happening to me? Is this a product of the layoff, not having one big thing (work) to focus on while instead my mind tries to process multiple unrelated tasks? After all, I ™m not used to running a household and trying to build my business and trying to interview and work a part-time job at the same time. Not to mention the other distractions around me, like laundry and swimming pool and TV.

Maybe this is just a phase I ™m going through. Or maybe it's one of the life lessons I was supposed to learn on Sunday. Who knows?

Just be patient with me if you see me walking the dog, talking to myself. I ™m harmless, although I am carrying a loaded bag of poop.

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