Halloween is right around the corner and it’s likely you have candy on the brain.

Zollicandy packaging

Now, if you’re a teacher, you’re probably thinking of what sort of candy to pass out to your class and I may have the perfect solution!

Classroom with zolli ball pops

Right now, Teachers and other educators can receive Free Zolli Lollipops for their entire class/school!

Large collection of zolli pops

This awesome freebie is all done through Zolli’s Million Smile Initiative’s Mission which is a mission dedicated to:

To reduce America’s tooth decay epidemic and protect the most powerful source of energy, joy and happiness in the world: children’s smiles! Oral health is directly linked to overall systemic health.

packaging of the zaffi taffy and zolli pops

Zolli’s goal is to get kids to talk and learn about taking care of their bodies.

Zolli candy can help achieve that. Zollipops have been clinically studied at one of America’s leading pediatric dentistry universities.

Classroom with zolli products

Studies have shown:

  • Reduction in bacteria
  • Reduction in S mutans bacteria
  • No contraindications
zolli pops packaging

Plus, Zollipops are vegan, natural, sugar-free candy. They are also free from several major allergens.

With all that being said, teachers and other organizations can receive Zollipops from the company and help spread this awareness and yummy treat.

Hand holding zolli pops

If you are a teacher or educator, you can go onto the Zolli website here and complete the form. Make sure you fill it out entirely.

Then watch the mail and wait for your Zollipops to arrive!

You can also just buy this candy and pass it out to trick-or-treaters or keep it stocked in the house for kids. You can get it here.

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Have you ever tried these Zolli Lollipops? Tell us in the comments!

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