Home Depot is Selling Dinosaur Air Plants and I Need Them All

If you like plants and dinosaurs, you need to run to Home Depot!!

Home Depot is currently selling Dinosaur Air Plants and they are the coolest things ever!!

They have several different styles and sizes to choose from so you can have entire dinosaur family of air plants in your house.

Keep in mind, these are Tillandsia air plants meaning they are glued onto the toy dinosaur and get their food and water from the air.

Sonia Bautista

They even have baby dinosaurs that would look adorable in your child’s room!

Each dinosaur air planter is unique in it’s own way and if I am being honest, I just want one of them all!

These are on display now at your local Home Depot. Look near the front where the indoor plants are. They seem to be a cart that says “Jurassic Plants” on them.

Depending on your store price, they are $6.99 for the small and $19.99 for the big ones.

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