Dad Chases After Kids When They Unexpectedly Try to Escape in Fast Ride-On Toy Car [Video]

One time someone gave me some solid advice when it came to parenting…

“Expect the unexpected when it comes to kids”

Honestly, I think this dad forgot that lesson lol!

Dad Taylor Negley, decided to put a 20-volt battery in his kids’ ride-on toy car.

Little did he expect, it would go so fast, his kids would nearly escape in their ride-on toy car causing him to have to run and I mean RUN, after them.

In the video you see the toy ride-on car loaded with kids and they slowly take off.

Well, not long after, you see it cut to Taylor chasing the car down having to pick up speed as the kids almost escape.

I mean, I would have thought he’d known a 20V battery is like way faster than those 5V batteries those ride-on cars typically come with but hey, lesson learned, right?

It’s an adorable and funny video you have to watch for yourself. You can check it out in the TikTok video below.

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