Toddler Hilariously Refuses to Play Soccer, Mom Wonders Why She Gets A Soccer Trophy [Video]

There are awards for all sorts of things, even participation.

Well, what happens when your child receives an award but they don’t even, well, participate?

One mom posted a video compilation of her toddler doctor refusing to play soccer and wonders why her daughter still received a trophy…

In this hilarious video, Mom Connor Moore posted a video of her toddler daughter, Madsen, doing anything but playing soccer.

In the video, a caption reads:

“Trying to figure out why my daughter got a trophy.”

Her daughter is certainly part of the team but Madsen makes it pretty obvious she wants nothing to do with the game ha!

Throughout the video you see Madsen on the field, not kicking the ball, not running and even at one point the ball and teams come right near Madsen and she sort of just stands there.

Her mom even caught her playing with grass instead of helping out her team.

It is so funny and I have to say, these parents were far more patient than I would have been. 8 weeks of early morning games and practices to just not have your kid play? Lol, priceless!

You can watch the adorable video below.

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