Time. The greatest currency of all.

Each day we have 1400 precious minutes of life. If you're a mother, you know how quickly those minutes pass, like shooting stars in the night sky. We blink, and it's over, and everything our mothers and grandmothers told us about how time flies is true.


No doubt, time is the greatest currency we can give our kids. And it's so simple, and stress free. You don't have to be wealthy, to give the currency of time. Time is free, and we all have it to give. But time is the currency most wasted.

Today, in our divided homes, moms are blogging, kids are on computer games, and dad is on text   or email. We're all plugged into technology, myself included, and it's easy for the hours to zip by before we ™ve realized where they ™ve gone.

Time is passing you by. Before you know it you wake up, and another birthday has arrived. The moms I admire the most are the ones who spend face time, on the floor, with the kids, while the laundry and dishes stack up. The moms who play cars without getting restless, or interrupting play time with a new idea. I am not one of those moms, but I try, try, try to be. I spend all day with my kids but more of it could be quality time, and not just time. Face time, on the floor, building a puzzle even though puzzles frustrate me.


The wonderful thing about time is that we all have it to give, and it's free. The tragic thing about time, is that you never can know when it's going to run out.

It reminds me of the two kids whose parents died within months of each other, from random diseases. One from cancer, another from diabetes. Who thinks that's going to happen?

In my work as an author slash mom, I often pose the question; how many summers or winters do you have left? We think we're entitled to the average life span of 70 something, but that's really just a mirage, because we aren't guaranteed anything. Carpe diem, sieze the day, the time is now.


if you had just thirty days to live, who would you spend it with?

You can read more about how Tammy spends her time at Escape Suburbia.

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