Habitat for Humanity Needs Professional Plumbers!

Habitat for Humanity DallasHabitat for Humanity is one of those amazing ideas that has grown into a FORCE for good.

In fact, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL recently highlighted Dallas Area Habitat's low foreclosure rate and concluded that large mortgage banks could learn from Habitat's business model. 

When Habitat builds a house, they build a community of support and wonderful things happen:

  • Crime drops 38% in that neighborhood
  • Kids are 20% more likely to stay in school and graduate from high school
  • The community generates $3.18 for every dollar spent
  • Volunteers donate 68,300 hours of service
  • Habitat homes reduce CO2 air pollution by one ton per year based on EPA measurements
  • A family has a home

A family has a home!

Because this family’s home is built with sweat equity, volunteer hours, and donated supplies it is easy to overlook some of the other costs involved.   These costs are similar to what you would pay if you were building a home and include making sure the home is built to it’s city code.

Permits require that the plumbing is done by professional licensed plumbers which usually means that comes out of Habitat for Humanity donated funds.

That is why I am really excited about what Dallas area Baker Brothers Plumbing is doing over the next 9 days…

Baker Brothers plumbing From May 9 to May 18 for each 10 LIKES on the Baker Brothers Plumbing Facebook page, Baker Brothers will donate 1 hour of professional plumbing services to Habitat for Humanity.

Watch later this week for my story on how I HEART Baker Brothers Plumbing (before they did this and before they became an advertiser on She is Dallas) because they saved my kitchen wood floor from certain doom if left to deal with my original plumbing company.


So, the call to action is SUPER SIMPLE!

Please click here to go over to the Baker Brother’s Plumbing FB page and LIKE them to help Habitat for Humanity build a house here in Dallas.

She is Dallas info:   Baker Brothers Plumbing can be reached anywhere in the DFW Area by calling 214-838-8088 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 214-838-8088 end_of_the_skype_highlightin..   They have served the Dallas-Fort Worth area with licensed plumbing service since 1945!   They charge a flat rate on plumbing services which means you know what you are going to pay up front.   Baker Brothers Plumbing is sponsoring this post to get the word out about their Habitat for Humanity initiative with a goal for 500 new fans which would result in 50 HOURS of licensed plumbing services donated.   Go LIKE!


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