Summer and bubbles just go hand in hand.

So, if your kids love bubbles and Paw Patrol, then they’ll really be on a roll with this Paw Patrol Scooter because it blows bubbles as they ride!

This is the Huffy Nick Jr. PAW Patrol 6V 3-Wheel Electric Ride-On Kids Bubble Scooter and it’s the coolest ride-on toy!

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This scooter has 3-wheels making it easy for smaller children to balance.

It can be used with the battery power for a smooth-riding ride-on or switch to kid power for a traditional scooter ride.

With battery power, simply press the red push-button on the handlebar to start the ride.

The best part is, this PAW Patrol electric scooter generates bubbles as you child rides! It leaves a trail of bubbles wherever you go.

You can get this Paw Patrol Bubble Scooter from Walmart for under $50 here.

Missing the waterpark? Bring it home!

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