“Mommy, I’m Bored” or “Mommy I wanna do something”.   My kids used to drive me crazy with that several times a day.   Well, they still do… but now I have a comeback.   Go roll the activity dice.

We bought wooden blocks (available at most hardware and craft stores) and covered them with paper.   Here are directions on how to decoupage your dice and make it spiffy.   Then we added a sticker to each face of the die with an option.   I have several decision-making dice.   We have used them to decide what snacks we’ll eat that day, what chore we’ll do together, what activity we should fill our morning with, even in our church’s Sunday School program to decide what songs we’ll sing next.   My kids love rolling the dice.

These are sample activities you can put on your “Boredom-Buster Die”:

  • Excersize Tape
  • Craft Project (color, paint, glue – you can make a separate die for crafts if you want.)
  • Read a book
  • Playdough or goop
  • Cook with Mommy
  • Play Dress-up
  • Build something
  • Do a chore
  • Pretend swimming in the tub
  • Go outside

Pssst…looking for some fun? Try these easy magic tricks for kids (and adults too)!

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  1. Rachel,
    what a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I would love to publish the germ lesson over here, just let me know the details.