Kids have the most vivid imaginations; I just love hearing the stories my preschoolers come up with and the worlds they create in their pretend play! Here are several ideas of ways you can help get the creative juices flowing from the minds of your little tykes:Made by Joel has a great collection of printables with paper dolls in a paper city, I can see my coloring-crazed kids enjoying creating a home for their “people”.   My only wish is that he had pets – what do you think Joel?   Can you add a dog for my daughter and an alligator for my son?   Oh, and did I mention?   All of his printables are free!   Woot! . We all have books that are so loved and cherished they are falling apart.   Catherine over at Sun Hats and Wellie Boots upcycled a book by cutting out the characters, and “accessories”, adding some fun photos of her kids, sticking magnets on the back of them and now her fridge tells a story.   I love her finished product! . We have toilet paper tubes in abundance, and kids who are learning the “emotion” sight words.   Caz over at A Little Learning has a fun TP Expressions activity.   If only I could draw as well as she can!   They look great! . This is on my bucket list!   Maggy made some story cubes.   This is a great way to help direct your child.   Some of the cubes can be characters, or items, others can be actions or favorite things to do.   What a great way to help our kids add structure to their stories.     I can easily see us re-crating these using photos or mod-podge and clip art! . Darcy of No Monsters reviewed some story cards.   I love the concept and can totally see these being a great source of entertainment on a long car ride!   I bet I could make my own.   If any of you do, let me know how they turned out and if your kids enjoyed them. . Another take on the story “cubes” are story stones from Childhood 101.   We have stones in our sensory tub, why not give them another purpose!     Thanks Christie for the idea!   Go check out her blog or her Art Ebook for more ideas – her website is one of my all-time favorites! .

Do you have any ideas, posts or tips on how to get your kids to tell stories?

Anybody ever tape or make a video of your child telling a tale?   I’d love to hear about them!   Leave a comment or email me!  

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  1. Oh my what a fantastic list of crafts and activities related to story telling! Thank you! And thank you for including our story cubes! Much appreciated 🙂