The Rules of Speed Cleaning: Rule #6

Welcome back! If you are just joining us in our Speed Cleaning series, we're glad you're here and you're not too late!

Be sure to read over the previous rules before you move on to Rule #6.

Speed Cleaning Rule #6: Don't keep working after it's clean.

Once you’ve reached ground zero, stop! You’re cutting into VLT-Valuable Leisure Time. Rinse or wipe and move on.

Rule #6 is my favorite when it comes to the bathroom, specifically the toilet. Let's face it, there are some pleasant places that come to mind when I think of where I want to spend my extra time, and in front of the toilet is not one of them. For that reason, I ™m going to share with you how to clean your toilet in the fastest and most efficient way.

Start at the top of the tank and work down using Red Juice and a cloth. Once again, Speed Cleaning Rule 4 applies: “If it isn’t dirty, don’t clean it.” If the front of the toilet tank isn’t dirty, don’t take the time to “clean” phantom dirt. However, don’t forget to wipe the flushing handle as you go by.

When you get to the seat and lid, put them both in the “up” position and follow this sequence carefully. After you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll find that the explanation is much more complicated than the doing.

1. Spray the underside of the seat, and lower it.

2. Spray the top of the seat. Don’t wipe yet.

3. Spray the underside of the lid, and lower it.

4. Spray the top of the lid. Also spray the hinges and the small flat area of porcelain on the far side of them.

Hang your Red Juice on your apron loop and wipe in the reverse order that you sprayed. That means you start with the small porcelain area and hinges. Now start using your toothbrush where needed. The first target is around those hinges. Then wipe the porcelain, the hinges, and the top of the lid dry. Raise the lid.

Use your toothbrush around the rubber bumpers and hinges (again). Wipe clean and dry. Be careful about splattering the clean porcelain. Wipe the top of the seat and raise it. Use the toothbrush again where needed and wipe dry. You’re done with the lid and seat.

Now spray the top porcelain rim of the bowl. Tilt the seat and lid half forward with one hand and with the other retouch the hinge area of porcelain (catching any splatters). Push the lid and seat back fully upright and wipe the rim clean.

Clean all the way down the outside to the floor, using the toothbrush on areas such as where the toilet meets the floor and around those annoying little plastic caps. (You ™ve already cleaned the inside of the toilet so don’t touch it at all.)   If there is mold left at the base of the toilet after you’ve cleaned this area, leave it and spray it with bleach later ”only if there is no carpeting involved, of course.

Question of the week: Now that you know how to clean the toilet in the fastest and most efficient way, what are you going to do with your new found VLT (valuable leisure time)?

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