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Ryan(9) has been competitive since birth.

He picks up games very easily and is already beating the entire family at any video game, Monopoly, Sequence and occasionally poker.

He is also very interested in any sort of medal, trophy and prize.

When he heard about world records, he was very interested and immediately tried to decide which one he was going to break.

Someone at school brought a recent Guinness Book of World Records to class.   Ryan must have poured over it at lunch and recess because he is well versed in details about the world’s fattest man, the   longest domino run and how many times someone can flip a quarter in a minute….Ryan is pretty sure that he has already broken this record.

Tonight at dinner he was telling his brothers about how there is someone in the book that eats metal.   He eats metal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   He even ate a refrigerator!

His brothers were very impressed with his knowledge.   I mean we are talking about a man who ate a fridge!

I remembered seeing a very old copy of the Guinness Book of World Records in our bookcase when I recently reorganized.   I went out and found it.   It was a 1976 copy that had belonged to my husband.   The cover was torn off and it was dog-eared, bookmarked, and had multiple pages with turned down corners.

It was a book much loved and it had suffered for it.

I brought it to Ryan and he accepted it with excitement.   He noticed the date and said he was going to read through and find the records that have been broken since it was printed.

He and his brothers sat down and studied the pictures.

The fattest twins riding on motorcycles.

The smallest lady standing on a table.

The man who laid on a bed of nails.

It is a very magical book.

I turned to blog-Stedman and asked, “How old were you in 1976?”



  1. That is very cute. Maybe Ryan can break the record for biggest booger production or something really fun that he and dad could both get into.

  2. It’s good to have a hobby. Perhaps Ryan and blog-Stedman could break the record for most number of times reading the Guiness Book of Records? Sounds like they are well on the way.

  3. My 7 year old son is thoroughly infatuated with the Guiness Book and the possibility of breaking a record someday, too. I do believe it is a guy thing though. My girls never paid much attention to that sort of thing other than to giggle at a few of the pics their brothers chose to show them. Much more sensible than trying to break all the records, IMHO. ; )

  4. Oh my gosh that is so funny! Just like his dad…

  5. I KNOW that I still have that book in my house (somewhere), and it was an awesome read let me tell ya! I was also nine (cue the freakish music that always sounds whenever something like this happens on television or in the movies). It must be a boy thing. 🙂

  6. HA!! us too…. Over christmas break they wanted to break something.. i dont remember what .. I usually do a ok sure.. We have 2 of the books we will have to let you borrow them. of course we could have had this converstaion had you been at homeschool this week. :p

  7. Boys will be boys … too cute.

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