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One of the things I have found the most surprising about motherhood is that…

Everything I previously mocked, I now do on a regular basis.

Take for example, birthday parties.

Before I had children of my own I would look at other people’s childrens’ birthday parties and just shake my head in knowing disbelief.

The fanfare.

The money.

The presents.

All over the top and so unnecessary.

This continued through my first born.   He wasn’t much for crowds and chaos so not only did he not want a birthday party of his own, he didn’t even want to attend the parties of other children.

I continued to shake my head at the birthday party fever that seemed to infect all those around me.

Then my second child came along and he likes a good time, but is more interested in activities than parties.   The last three years I have thrown a simple picnic at a community pool in honor of his birth.

And then child number three.   Let me just be honest here.   He is number three.   I am lucky to remember to feed him breakfast, let alone what month AND day he was born.

A few months ago Ryan mentioned that he wanted a party this year for his ninth birthday.

A party? I suggested we could have his best friend spend the night and do something special with him like the last few years.

Nope. A party.

A party with all the boys from his class.

A party with all the boys from his class and a few boys from the other third grade.

A party with all the boys from his class, a few boys from the other third grade and a few non-school friends (boys).

A party with all the boys from his class, a few boys from the other third grade, a few non-school friends (boys), and Reid’s best friend and his brother.

A party with all the boys from his class, a few boys from the other third grade, a few non-school friends (boys), Reid’s best friend and his brother…oh and his brothers.

And he wanted to do it at home.

It had to be at home.

I tried to talk him into obscenely expensive alternatives, but he was unswayed.

Home it is.

Home it is with invitations going out to 20 boys all under the age of 10.

Well, it wasn’t that simple.   I reintroduced the obscenely expensive alternatives – bowling, movies, swimming, gymnasiums, arcades and then I played the LEGO store card.

At this point I was willing to bankroll anything that would not create the chaos at my house that 20 boys might bring.



Not even to the Lego store?

I knew I was beat.   The invitations went out and 16 boys attended the party on Sunday.

5 of the moms stayed out of pity and I think they might have been a little fearful for my sanity.   No mom wants to leave her son in the care of a crazy person serving cake.

3 hours later…

It wasn’t that bad!

In fact, I think all the anxiety I had leading up to the event was unfounded.

My upstairs is evenly covered with Legos, Wii remotes and about a 1000 nerf bullets, but everyone had a good time.

The mom who mocked birthday parties had just thrown one.

The boy who was overwhelmed by them in the past…had a blast.


  1. Legos, Wii remotes and Nerf bullets? Sounds like my floor on any given day!

    Glad you ALL had a good time!

  2. Sounds like you did just fine! : ) And only 1000 Nerf bullets? WOW! With that many boys I would have expected at least twice that number! ; )

  3. Saturday we had Dave’s 8th birthday party at in indoor putt-putt. Seven kids attended (five girls, 2 boys). It wasn’t bad at all. But I’m done. no more freaking parties.

    yeah, i know. that’s what i say now. stop laughing at me.

  4. I am not sure which part I relate to more. Putting my foot in my mouth because EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I said before parenting I now do. Like right now my son is eating his breakfast in front of the television. Or. Despising those birthday parties and the clean up only to find myself sitting on the sofa with a giant smile on my face after every one of them.

  5. At-home parties are definitely the way to go. Cheaper. Less branding. More like they used to be.

    Then again, there is the clean-up. Phase 1: before the guests arrive. Phase 2: after the guests leave. It’s pretty crazy.

    Still, I’m sure the kids had an awesome time. And with the money you saved you can maybe hire a housecleaner!

  6. i LOVE throwing kid parties… So much fun! 🙂 We’ve never had THAT many guests though. you deserve a trophy.

  7. I love throwing parties! I can’t wait for this year since he’ll be 3 and can maybe remember all the hard work I put in it LOL.

    I’m glad you lived and still have some sanity. Because that is a lot of boys… woooah. (I think I spelled that right.)

  8. It’s fun to sometimes step on over to the other side.

    I was personally very lucky this year when Sam just wanted to have one friend spend the night. Talk about E.A.S.Y.

    The Misplaced Midwesterner

  9. You are a saint. I have to admit I LOVE planning my kids’ birthday parties and only one has been outside the house. However, we serve alcoholic beverages and yummy food, which makes the adults more inclined to stay. AND, I limit it to no more than 10 invitees. You done good, mama. Now rest!

  10. There should be more moms like you. All children deserve happy memories that they’ll carry in their adulthood. We only go through life once. Only the best parents could make that one life the best that we can get.

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