A few weeks ago I wrote about how the charitable organization, Love Drop, was coming to Dallas to help one of our very own, Katie.

Through the generosity of She is Dallas readers/contributors/sponsors that help was magnified!


I felt lucky to be able to attend the actual Love Drop.   It was a misty Sunday afternoon…a full 30 degrees cooler than the previous sunny Texas day.   A train of local bloggers sitting in their cars lined up several blocks from Katie’s house in anticipation of participating in the big surprise.

Katie was expecting The Love Drop team along with March’s Love Drop sponsor, BlissDom‘s founder, Alli Worthington and local-blogger-on-the-ground-in-Texas-coordinator, Mary Ann.   The team, Allie and Mary Ann knocked on Katie’s door and much hugging and fanfare ensued.   They went in and started what Katie thought was the presentation by showing her a video that was created with clips contributed by her friends and supporters all across the country.   While she was focused on the video, the 15 of us waiting outside crept into her living room.   Silently.   Very stealthfully.

When the video ended, we filed into Katie’s kitchen and the look on her face was priceless.

Repeat the hugging and fanfare.

This was a party!

The love was officially dropped.

Katie received financial help for her medical bills, gift cards, toys for her children, fun stuff for herself and a whole lot of hugs and well wishes.

I took this picture during the event and I think it sums up exactly what happened there:

Love Drop in Dallas

I would like to thank some Dallas-Fort Worth area businesses that donated through She is Dallas to make Katie’s day even more special:

Buckets & Bows Maid Service will be cleaning Katie’s house for months to come.   Buckets & Bows owner, Debbie Sardone generously donated the services wrapped up in a sweet little package.   She has a heart for charity which is demonstrated through the founding of Cleaning for A Reason.   Debbie also owns Speed Cleaning which is dedicated to making the act of housecleaning less time consuming.   When she heard Katie’s story, she was more than willing to help.   When the Buckets & Bows gift certificate was presented to Katie she was shocked.   She also expressed that house cleaning was an area that she could really use the help.   Thanks Debbie!

Bee Right Back Assistant Service donated a three hour block of project time.   Bee Right Back owner, Brittany Bradberry recently left her corporate job to follow a path of service to others.   Brittany specializes in short term projects – errands, appointments, home and holiday organization, pet and house sitting, or whatever else you can think up!   I have personally used her services for Christmas decoration packing/unpacking and organization, homeschool supply organization, and she does a really great job cleaning out a refrigerator…which I need her back to do!   Thanks Brittany!

Milk & Cuddles donated a gift certificate for a shopping spree at Toys ‘R Us.   Milk & Cuddles founder, Shannon wrote me as soon as she heard that Love Drop was coming to town.   She was really excited to be involved.   Her website is full of fun family stories, tips for online moms and local adventures.   I appreciate her generosity and willingness to answer a plea for help.   Thanks Shannon!

It was a wonderful project.   Thanks Love Drop & BlissDom for making it possible.

Thanks Katie for letting us help out a little…


Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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  1. Thanks Holly for the opportunity to help out a friend. Real joy comes from helping others, and it is a pleasure to be a part of this. Our employees at Buckets & Bows Maid Service are eager to serve and happy to help!