We always come to the same place when we visit Colorado and have been visiting regularly for the past 3 years. It has come to feel like home to me so when we came last summer to find one of our favorite restaurants had closed and was under construction to become Spago’s we became a little worried. Blog-Stedman was concerned that there would be nothing “normal” for him to eat. I was concerned that my all time favorite event would be cancelled–the massive breakfast buffet. It did not occur to me that Wolfgang Puck would come in and change the entire environment without even consulting me! Shocking, isn’t it? Here is a little tour and then you can decide whether next time Mr. Puck would be better off calling me. For the record, here are my design credentials: 1) I am an avid watcher of HGTV. 2) I know what I don’t like. 3) I decorated my own house 4) I even talked several other people into hiring me last summer. Now back to the tour:
This is the cool, rustic, contemporary art at the entrance to the restaurant. Love it! Love how it is edgy, yet fits into the Colorado surroundings.
This is a view from our breakfast table this morning. The left wall is big squares covered with leather that are down-right yummy. The space planning throughout is stellar with enough room between tables, yet you feel like you are in a cozy, private area.
Fun chairs! They are also surprisingly comfortable. Love the contrast between contemporary and western charm. They feel more TX than CO to me, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one because they are so cool and I have no problem spreading a little TX charm around.
This is a HUGE wall to wall to ceiling black and white photo (you can see this in the room view above). There are several of these throughout. I really like them and am a huge sucker for any sort of b & w photography. Blog-Stedman thinks they were an afterthought to cram a little CO into the design.
This is the booth where we ate dinner. Love the booth! They have walls between booths so you feel like you are in your own little room. The dinner was quite an event. It was both dinner and entertainment with a whole cast of people doing this and that at your table…bringing things, taking things, cutting things, pouring things, removing things. It was very well choreographed. The food was above average and the over all experience was great. Unfortunately, they have priced blog-Stedman and I out of the ability to do this very often. Back to design. This is where I think things came together the best. I love the existing rock wall peeking out behind the sleek furniture.
This is what you see from the hotel lobby when looking into the bar. You can see more of the fun chairs turned bar stools. The bar also has little booth-like areas seen to the right which are really cool. BUT, they lost all sense of Colorado here. The floor is a most amazing glassy tile not larger than 1 inch x 2 inch bricks that just shimmer in a more Florida feel. The partitions throughout the bar and restaurant are made of bamboo in gentle shades of orange, red and green. I love them, but they have no business being in a Colorado lodge. It makes the whole place seem like it should be in a warmer climate which is a little unsettling when you are sitting there in different levels of ski attire.
This is another view of the bar from the hotel lobby. One shot just doesn’t do it justice. It is so fabulous, but…
this is what you see from that same spot in the lobby when you turn 45 degrees. It is so weird that designs that oppose each other so strikingly are sitting next to each other in the same room.
Here you can see through the bar into the big Colorado lodge room on the other side. It really feels like someone designed this bar and restaurant without ever visiting the location. I would feel much more comfortable and happy if it were sitting in the middle of Dallas, Palm Springs or Orlando. It just doesn’t fit in the rustic lodge. I really believe they could keep the modern look if it were better mixed with rustic, earthy, Colorado things. The first thing I would do is replace every piece of bamboo in the whole place with something like a small stone tile or chunky dark wood. I would have the fabulous bar floor taken to my house and replaced with something that better flowed with the outside lobby like funky slate. I would emphasize colors like moss green and eliminate the pastel oranges and reds. I would replace the light fixtures in the main dining room because they are currently too small and I think something huge and rustic might be quite delightful there. So, Mr. Puck if you need any more advice, please contact me. I am sure I would be much cheaper to hire then your original design team.
PS–I may just be a bit bitter over the cancellation of the massive breakfast bar…

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  1. design should definitely match location esp. if its at a place for tourists. tourists are already getting away and don’t need a hideaway w/in their hideaway. i can’t stand those cow chairs. they seem so out of place with the other stuff in the restaurant.

  2. Sorry, but the cow fabric belongs in Texas. The booth is PERFECT and blends modern with rustic really well. But, I’m with you on all the rest. It’s purdy, but it doesn’t quite fit in with a lodge. Still fun, though!

  3. I am so jealous!!! The pics are great! Keep relaxing and enjoying that precious family time, away from the housework and telephone!!!

  4. Sounds fabulous to me…any vacation would be great about now. Is it really vacationing when you have to take the kids with you? LOL