DIY Powder Paint from leftover pieces of sidewalk chalk! You can use it for a variety of other projects. My preschooler loves sidewalk chalk, and we have buckets of it around the house. This simple trick can give new life to those old pieces of chalk, and all you need is a cheese grater!

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DIY Powder Paint

DIY Paint

Here’s what you need to make DIY Powder Paint: DIY Powder Paint Directions: The process really is simple — just run your sidewalk chalk along the cheese grater to grind it into powder. We make ours over sheets of white paper to make it easy to transfer the powder into Ziploc bags.  DIY Paint Powder 6 copy Once you’ve made your DIY Powder Paint, it’s time to get down to business! Our favorite thing to do with powder paint is to add it to Cloud Dough. I also really want to try this powder paint suncatcher activity and make sidewalk smoke bombs.

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