Cherry On Top

On the way home from a nature walk, we were hot and thirsty and needed something to cool us off.   Ice water probably would’ve done fine but the sign in saying, “Cherry On Top” seemed much more interesting at the time.

Cherry On Top is a fun and unique self serve frozen yogurt shop in Coppell.

You start with getting your own cup. I don’t recall the sizes of the cups but I’ll just call them Big and Really Big.

cups 600x350

Then comes the really fun part where you put the yumminess of your choice into your own cup.

yogurt shop 600x350

There are some great flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from such as Red Velvet Cupcake, Caramel Cream, Hawaiian Delight, Cake Batter, etc. You can choose just one flavor or mix it up however you want.   And you get to pull the lever on the yogurt machines to dispense it into your cup.   My kids just loved doing this all by themselves!

Then you get more decisions at the table of toppings. There is coconut, gummies, chocolate chips, various nuts and chunks from different candy bars. Oh, the choices!

frozen yogurt toppings 600x350

There is also another station with various fresh fruit toppings as well as bottles to squirt caramel or chocolate sauce on top.

Rachel was very eclectic in her topping choices which probably has something to do with the fact that she is too little to be able to see over the counter at what toppings she was choosing.   Nicholas, on the other hand, was all about the gummy worms.

gummies on frozen yogurt 600x350

I was a little concerned about how much these two giant cups of yumminess would cost because you pay by the ounce. And there were a lot of ounces filled in these cups. But I was pleasantly surprised that it came to a little over $6.00 for the two big cups.















I think the boy is in Heaven!

Mommy was too because I got to help finish the leftovers from those really big cups.

She Is Dallas Info: Cherry On Top is located at 110 W Sandy Lake Rd., Coppell, TX 75019. You can reach them at (972) 906-0808 or visit their website to find other locations.

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