Blaze Monster Truck Craft

Do you have a little one who is a fan of Blaze and the Monster Machines? If so, he or she will ADORE this easy Blaze Monster Truck Craft. Bonus? It also teaches preschoolers to recognize basic shapes in their surroundings.  

Blaze Monster Truck Craft - red truck with flames- and big tires
Look how awesome Monster Truck Blaze craft is!

Blaze Monster Truck Craft

Start your engines! Just as Blaze can transform into any kind of machine, your preschooler can transform ordinary construction paper into an adorable paper Blaze craft.

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Supplies Needed To Make This Super Awesome Monster Truck Blaze

Blaze Monster Truck Craft - supplies- construction paper- scissors- and tape
Supplies needed to make this awesome Monster Truck Blaze craft!

To make this colorful, hands-on craft you will need:

How To Make This Cool Monster Truck Blaze Craft

Step 1

Gather your materials, and get ready to go on a shape hunt! Your child will need to find household objects that are shaped as rectangles, circles, and squares.

Blaze Monster Truck Craft - step 1 - Trace your lids and cut out the circles. These will be the wheels.
Trace your lids and cut out the circles. These will be the wheels.

Step 2

To make Blaze’s body, my son traced a DVD box. To create his monster truck wheels, he traced a wide mason jar ring. He used everything from LEGOs to toy dishes to create the shapes he needed for Blaze. 

Blaze Monster Truck Craft - Start adding the different parts of Monster Truck Blaze!
Start adding the different parts of Monster Truck Blaze!

Step 3

Use the scissors to cut Blaze’s body into a monster truck shape.

Step 4

Use white school glue or Glue Dots to attach the shapes to each other, using a photograph of Blaze as a guide.


When Blaze is ready, invite your preschooler to count the circles and rectangles on him.

Blaze Monster Truck Craft - Glue on all the pieces!
Glue on all the pieces!

Step 5- Optional

When children are finished creating Blaze, they can draw a picture to glue him onto, hang him on the fridge, or share him with a friend!

It’s very basic craft, but so much fun for kids!

Blaze Monster Truck Craft - Step by step process of making Monster Truck Blaze.
Step by step process of making Monster Truck Blaze.

Blaze Monster Truck Craft

Blaze Monster Truck Craft

This Monster Truck Blaze craft is so great! Kids of all ages, particularly younger kids, will love this monster truck craft. It's perfect for at home or in the classroom and is great fine motor skills practice.


  • white, red, black, yellow and blue construction paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue or Glue Dots
  • household objects
  • a photograph of Blaze


  1. Gather the materials needed for this Blaze Monster Truck Craft.
  2. Trace the body and the pieces needed for the craft on construction paper with a pencil. You will need 2 big circles, 2 smaller circles for wheels. 3 circles for the eyes. A diamond for the window. 6 small dots and a rectangle for the light bar and 1 flame and Blaze's truck frame.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the shapes.
  4. Use glue to attach the shapes to the Monster Truck.

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