When it comes to choosing toys for my kids, I am all about the toys that are not only fun to play with, but are educational as well.

One of the things my youngest son has always loved is figuring out how to take apart things and put them back together and that is why I love this John Deere Playset so much!!

This John Deere Playset Teaches Your Kids Mechanics And How A Tractor Works and it is the coolest toy!

This toy is called the John Deere Tractor Engine and it is a toy your kids can fully disassemble and learn about the different mechanics behind a tractor.

Service your own John Deere Tractor engine. This service tractor is over 27 inches tall and comes with 15 play functions. It has numerous repairable parts that can be mounted and removed and replaced: the engine, spark plugs, wing nuts, wheels, radiator grille and many more. Battery operated headlights and horn. 2 different electronic starter sounds when the ignitions key is turned.

Ahhh doesn’t that sound so fun?!

This would make the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the kid who loves to build things and loves all things with an engine.

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You can grab the John Deere Tractor Engine on Amazon Here for $129.99.

Need a little extra fun this summer?

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