Green Kiwi Smoothie

Saint Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to add some green and veggies – make a  GREEN SMOOTHIE!  So, I’m feeling a little bit like Jessica Seinfeld, here.

You know, the woman whose recipes sneak healthy vegetable purees into the meals of unsuspecting kids?   Well, I’ve got a smoothie recipe that will knock your socks off.   Seriously, the health factor is secondary.   In my household, we affectionately call it “Shrek Juice,” but it will probably taste just as good if you call it a St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie.

kiwi spinach and mango smoothie recipe

Veggie  Smoothie

  • 2 medium mangoes
  • 2-3 bananas
  • 3 Kiwis – remove the peels
  • 2 cups washed spinach leaves (loosely measured in cup)
  • water

Green Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

Cut mangoes and the kiwis into cubes or strips and put in a blender. Add water to about the height of the fruit  in the blender, then blend. Once smooth, add washed spinach leaves to loosely fill the blender to the top. Blend. Add frozen mangoes and bananas. Blend again and serve.

Smoothies don’t have to be an exact science, so you can experiment with your proportions.   Two things I will tell you, though, are these: (1) The bananas mask the taste of the spinach. Do not omit or reduce them.   If you can still taste the spinach, add another banana. (2) This smoothie is just as good using other frozen fruit in lieu of the frozen mango or the kiwis, so if you see something else on sale, don’t hesitate.     Only mangoes or peaches will maintain the beautiful green color, though.   Using frozen berries is still yummy, but turns it kind of a brownish color.

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