Awesome Alligator Coloring Pages You Can Download & Print!

Alligator coloring pages for kids are fun entertainment or a great addition to a alligator lesson plan at home or in the classroom. Kids of all ages and reptile fans can download the alligator coloring sheets, grab green crayons or coloring pencils to make these pictures of alligators colorful.

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Free alligator coloring pages for kids!

Our coloring pages at Kids Activities Blog has been downloaded over 100K times in the last year! We hope you like the alligator coloring pages too.

Free Printable Alligator Coloring Pages

Our free alligator printable set includes two alligator coloring pages for ultimate coloring fun. Both alligator coloring sheets are available for instant download with button below.

Both alligator coloring pages have big spaces ideal for toddlers learning to color with big crayons, but older kids will love these coloring sheets too. There are no rules when it comes to coloring alligators!

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Alligator Coloring Page SEt Includes

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Download our free alligator coloring sheets!

1. Cartoon Alligators Coloring Page

The first printable coloring page features two happy alligators having fun. They look like they’re BFFs and having a great time together – super cute!

I’d use green watercolors to color the alligators, and green crayons for the grass, that way it’ll have different shades of green!

free Alligator Coloring Pages
This alligator is too cool to be found in a zoo!

2. Cool Alligator Coloring Page

Ohhh, this alligator coloring page is way too cool! Our second alligator printable sheet features a cool alligator holding the peace sign. There’s a lot of free space so why not add a pair of shades too?

It’d make this alligator’s look complete. Since this coloring page is more simple than the first one, I’d suggest trying a different coloring method, such as paint, just for fun.

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Print & color these fun alligator coloring pages!

Download & Print Free Alligator Coloring Pages PDF File Here

This alligators coloring page set is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.


More About Alligators

What do you think of when you hear “alligator”? For me, I think of reptiles with big jaws, scaly skin, sharp claws and teeth, ponds, and swamps. Many kids love coloring pages of alligators because they are close to dinosaurs – in fact, they have not changed much since then, and are even referred to as living fossils.

Fun Facts About Alligators You May Not Know

  • Alligators have been living on Earth for millions of years.
  • Alligators can weigh over 800 pounds and be as long as 13 feet.
  • Alligators live in freshwater environments like swamps, ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • Alligators are a top predator and can eat anything they choose.
  • It’s important that you never go near an alligator if you see one in the wild!

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