edible ink You can encourage creative learning in your child by giving them unusual materials to work with.   How about giving them some edible ink the next time they are completing a worksheet?

What is edible ink?

It is super easy to make and it tastes great too.   There are only 2 ingredients:   yogurt and food coloring! how to make edible ink Blend some food coloring into the yogurt until you get the color you want.   Use a plastic bag with a cut off corner to “write” with your new edible ink. Now find some of your child’s fun worksheets and laminate them. We used clear contact paper but you could also just stick the worksheet in a large baggie.   Have your child complete the worksheet with their fun edible ink instead of regular dry erase markers.   writing with edible ink

What can you do with edible ink?

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with edible ink. Here are some of the fun ideas that we tried and had fun with: 1. Make colorful drawings: drawing with edible ink 2. Eat edible ink (of course!): eating edible ink 3. Let them go wild with their colorful yogurt: messy hands
Edible ink is such a fun idea!   The Quirky Mommas have a few more tasty ideas for edible fun for you and your child.   Check out these yummy posts:
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  1. So funny – I saw the first photo and started drooling because I thought it was frosting! This is a great idea, Mari. And perfect for my still eats everything toddler 🙂