I love multi-functional, creative toys, and my kids love toys that make funny sounds. That’s why we both love these Pop Tube toys.

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My oldest once came home from school with a single pop tube following a kid’s birthday, and she was immediately obsessed.

When she stretched the tube out, it made a crinkly, popping noise that made her laugh out loud. She twisted it and pulled it, and honestly, just kept busy with this one silly tube!

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I didn’t know what this tube was supposed to be for awhile; all I knew was she LOVED it.

And that’s why I need to share what exactly these Pop Tube toys are now (and where you can get them).

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Considered a sensory tube and perfect for kiddos who love to keep busy, these Pop Tube fidget toys are even more fun when you have a set of them. Why?

Kids can not only stretch them but connect them together. They can twist them into all sorts of funky shapes.

Simply put, kids can get super creative with how they use these Pop Tubes. My kids, for example, love to turn their Pop Tube into a hat, necklace, or bracelet, depending on their mood or fashion that day.

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When an individual pop tube is extended, its about two feet, three inches long. But if your kids are like mine, they’ll rarely stay extended for long.

Pop Tubes are available on Amazon; a 4 Pack of XL tubes start at $10.99. But know your kids are going to love them? Opt for the 24 pack for $19.99, which is a total steal!

Source: Amazon

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