Rhett’s(4) nose started running last week while on vacation.   Running, just a little.   No big deal.   He just needs a tissue every once in awhile. No big deal to me. Very big deal to him. He believes his nose is now his enemy.   He looks at it in the mirror in disgust. He taps at it punishingly. Mom, WHY is my nose runny? That is just how it goes. But WHY? I was able to pacify him with the occasional tissue, swipe of Mentholatum and a kiss for the first few days.   But most nights he ended up in MY bed whimpering and clutching tissues. Oh sweet baby…too pitiful to refuse at 2 am. I then had a genius idea.   I set up the humidifier in his room and sold him on it’s magical nose-unclogging merits. He bought it. More importantly, he slept through the night in his own bed face over bed edge for maximum steam exposure. Hallelujah! And then we returned home.   And then I couldn’t find the humidifier I could have sworn we had and stored in the upstairs hall closet behind the stacks of extra blankets and a fuzzy pillow but am not sure because I can’t recall using it since we moved into this house because quite honestly Texas is pretty humid and the need for humidifiers is decreased in a climate where one could open up the window and receive a hassle-free humidifier treatment. Rhett didn’t buy my hassle-free-open-the-window-and-it-is-a-humidifier suggestion and my continued high and low search of the house did not result in a better plan. Crap. I better get to bed because I expect a late night visitor who told me prior to falling asleep… Mommy, my nose is going to be runny forever. Forever is a very long time.

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  1. We are ALSO in Texas and we ALSO had a humidifier which we ALSO lost in some mysterious way unbeknownst to us. This is weird. Maybe there’s some kind of Texas ghost with a gripe against humidity?

  2. It’s easy to find: Just go to Target to get another one. As soon as you set it up and throw away the packaging you’ll find the first one.

    Good luck!

  3. Aww, too adorable. You better find that humidifier asap. Have you ever used saline (Little Noses at Target) for a runny nose, it does wonders. Says the woman who lives in the land of year round humidifiers!

  4. Poor baby! Both our boys have humidifiers that run year-round for their magical white noise/sleep-inducing properties. But I hear ya on the night time company. Too…tired…to…refuse…

  5. Poor kiddo. I hate runny noses. Hate them! And it’s so much worse when your nose is so stuffed up you can’t even blow your nose! Then there’s the rawness from the constant tissue contact…ugh.
    I hope he feels better soon!

  6. Awwwww, poor baby! Runny noses are such a drag. And so are those nights when you don’t get much sleep because of an intruder in your bed. 😉 But those days don’t last for long. Enjoy them while you can.