This Doctor’s Son Wants To Be A Surgeon So She Teaches Him About Surgery Using Playdough

My kids love playdough and I am sure if I had the talent (and knowledge), they would LOVE something like this!

This Doctor has a son that wants to be a surgeon one day so she creates amazing life-like models out of playdough to teach him about surgery!

The Breakfasteur

Amazing, right?

One of the most viral videos is The Cesarean Delivery where she helps her son deliver a Spider-Man stuffed toy which resembles the baby. It’s incredible how she had all the layers plus the umbilical cord (using a balloon).

You can watch that video below.

Their newest video is about Carpal Tunnel surgery!

They have over a dozen videos and each one is quite amazing and detailed!

And if you are into pimple popping videos, they even have a cyst removal video too!

You can check out all the videos over on The Breakfasteur YouTube Channel Here.

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