In honor of 2007 slinking away into warm fuzzy nostalgia, I am providing random favorite foods for your grazing pleasure: freshly popped popcorn, peanut M&Ms, coffee with Vanilla Caramel coffee-mate, large bowls of Jelly Bellys so you don’t have to eat the gross ones, Target’s Blood Orange soda, a variety of cakes–beautiful, tasty, yummy cakes, a plethora of salads containing nuts, cheese and some sort of fruit, and an oatmeal bar including, fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, dried cranberries and candied pecans, both Silk soy milk and regular milk are available.

At the fabulous Anniversary celebration (have I mentioned that?) dinner, we went to Fearings. The dinner was grand and Dean Fearings came and talked to us several times (insert giddy schoolgirl laughter here), but the most amazing thing was the restrooms (the tour linked here doesn’t do it justice–just a peek). The doors are glass–see through to the toilet glass–that when you lock the door turns opaque. It is so freaking cool!

The New Year’s Party situation here is very potluckish. Our neighborhood celebration is going to be hosted by our next door neighbors and in an effort to not pay a babysitter New Year’s Eve wages since the children will be in bed and we will just be next door Bianca is hosting a party here at our house. So, if next door doesn’t work out we will be back to party at our house. I will post a promised picture of the lighted sphere when we hang it this afternoon which I am sure will cause you to cancel all your evening plans to sit by the computer and wait.

I am still at the point that each time I open the door to my minivan I feel like I am risking my life. I am hoping that fades with time.

I just bought the funnest (that is just the best word to use here, even if it is not a word and you totally let me get away with the word “potluckish” two paragraphs ago so don’t start complaining now) shoes for tonight–sparkly black pumps with a peek toe.

I am about to list my oldest child on eBay.

The blog world has made me appear a little crazy in the real world. In the blog world it is acceptable, even encouraged to make a comment on anything and everything. I keep finding myself in the real world chiming in my two cents worth to stares of “that was unsolicited”. Oops!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better. I’m catching up now, since I’ve been MIA with my cold. Not good to be scared of the minivan. Very impressive to go to a New Year’s eve party. Even if it is next door!

  2. *SIGH*

    One of the drags about moving is that we no longer live across the cul-de-sac from our friends with whom we spent NYE. So fun! So convenient! No designated driver!

    Happy New Years!

  3. Ohhhhh…I love potlucks!

    I’m glad to have discovered your blog this year and I look forward to reading about your many new “adventures” in 2008. I wish you and your family a very “Happy New Year!”

  4. Oh, come on…they look green speckly…just like a pear’s skin! I pass on any that taste like food-food or drinks (popcorn, Dr. Pepper, marshmallow). Ick. I want the fruity ones.

    I bought the gross Berty Botts Jelly Bellies for Austen once. Being a big myself, the kids & I sat in the kitchen late one night daring each other to taste ones like booger, grass, sardine, vomit, black pepper. Let me just say they ALL taste WAY too much like the real thing. Yes, I even tried a bite of Vomit after the kids did. YUCKO!

  5. ooo. I like the pear too, but can never remember what they look like so you will probably be able to pick them out faster then I can pick and sample.

  6. Holly, my dear friend, I LOVE your blog! It’s always fun to “peek” into someone’s world, mind, thoughts…and see just how perfectly imperfect everyone else’s life is too! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see a picture (or maybe even a video since it IS such a momentus event) of the ball drop at your house.

    We’ll be celebrating in 4 year old fashion with a countdown around 9pm. Come midnight,we should all be snoozing in the New Year.

    Here’s to a great 2008 buddy!