My kids are absolutely obsessed with Baby Yoda. So, he’s going to be making a few appearances in gifts, this Christmas. Getting some Baby Yoda stocking stuffers is a no brainer!

My daughter has already asked to get a Baby Yoda plush from Build-a-Bear. And then my son has asked for both the Baby Yoda Lego Set and Baby Yoda Bedding! I know I’m saying it’s for the family, but the Baby Yoda Waffle Maker is definitely for me!

Baby yoda is gobbling up deals on stocking stuffers
I really want to make a “gobble up these deals” joke.

Now that the gifts are squared away, we are ready to stuff some stockings! I scoured the internet for the perfect stocking stuffers for my kids. Finding Baby Yoda Stocking Stuffers was its own challenge. I think this list is just perfect, though!

Baby Yoda Stockings

Before you stuff, consider a stocking! My oldest son’s stocking is pretty beat up, so I’m going to get him a new one, this year! These are the ones I’m considering.

Small Baby Yoda Toys for Stockings

These are the cutest little toys that I know will fit into their stocking!

Baby Yoda Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you missed the Hot Cocoa Bomb craze, of just a week ago, it is not too late! There is a specially themed Baby Yoda Cocoa bomb and Mandalorian mug!

Baby Yoda Pop Socket

Baby Yoda Stickers

Stickers are a really great stocking stuffer for people of all ages! Baby Yoda makes a really cute sticker, not that I’m surprised! I’m getting the multi-pack so I can put a bunch of stickers in each stocking!

Baby Yoda School Supplies

I always put some fun pencils or other school related items in my kids’ stockings. These are some fun things that they will definitely get to take to school to show off, after the break!

Some Baby Yoda Clothing

These are the items of Baby Yoda clothing that are small enough to fit into a stocking!

A Funny Baby Yoda Stocking Stuffer

Ok, this one is definitely going into my husband’s stocking. Maybe this will help him remember not to put dirty dishes into the clean dish washer?

Let us know your favorite Baby Yoda Stocking Stuffers, in the comments below!

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