Ever wanted custom pillows but didn’t want to pay for them? Blue Scroll If you’re crafty, you can make your own! I promise it’s not too painful! seam

How to make custom pillows at home:

You’ll need:   sewing machine, fabric, thread to match, pillow form, pins/safety pins, scissors I recommend using down pillow forms.   There are down-alternative options, but they are not the same.   You can find both at Cutting Corners on Midway in Dallas.
She is info: The Cutting Corners on Midway that Priscilla mentioned is located at 13720 Midway Road #200, Dallas, TX 75244-4345 & phone: 972-233-4503.   Cutting Corners hours are:   Mon – Sat 9:30 “ 5:30 and Sundays 12:00 “ 5:00.   Cutting Corners also has a Fort Worth location at 5525 S. Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX 76132-2202 & phone:   817-263-6834.   That is the location I love and be aware that the hours are a little different.
Also, buy larger forms.   The larger forms look more custom.   The 20″ is a great size for a sofa (couch if you’re from Mississippi like me).
  1. To determine how much fabric you need, subtract 2″ from your form size.   For example, a 20″ form needs 18″ of fabric.   That gives you a snug fit.
  2. For my pillow style, the mini flange, I used 20″ of fabric to create the 1″ mini flange around my pillow.   This created a finished edge without additional work!   Yep, I’m lazy.
  3. Lay out your fabric right sides together, so you’ll see the wrong sides of your fabric.
  4. Before you cut your fabric, line up your seams by checking the pattern on both sides.   To keep them lined up, use lots of pins!   Place the pins inside where you plan to cut the fabric.  Don’t skip this step.   If you find that you stick yourself constantly, use safety pins.   Maybe that’s just me that does that….
  5. Double check.   Measure twice.   Cut once.   Now cut.
  6. Sew along the edges leaving enough space on one side to insert your pillow.   Turn your fabric so you’ll see the right sides.   Once you see the pattern is straight, you can go back and trim your seams.   (I’ve had to rip out seams to adjust the pattern).
  7. Insert your pillow form.
  8. Now, sew 1″ all the way around your pillow to create the mini flange.
  9. Hand stitch to close the open seam.   Use a hidden stitch for this.   Click here for a great tutorial from Turning Turning.   It doesn’t have to be perfect!   Go back up to my picture to see mine is not!
seam Here’s my finished product!   Nevermind the wrinkled slipcover. pillow sofa rug Happy pillow making!

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