Do you make special Halloween foods for your kids? There’s something super fun about making mummy-dogs out of hot dogs and crescent rolls or jack-o-lantern quesadillas to celebrate the holiday.

But what if you’d like something a little more substantial for dinner on Halloween night? Aldi is now selling Halloween pasta shaped like pumpkins and spiders!

Each 17-oz bag is filled with orange, white, and, and dark purple pasta shapes. Even better, each bag is a mix of the pumpkin and spider shapes, so you only need one bag for dinner. Or maybe two, or three, because they are just too cute and you could use them leading up to Halloween.

No matter what, the Halloween pasta is perfect for October 31st, so you can fill your kids up with a hearty meal before trick or treating. The biggest dilemma might just be marinara or Alfredo sauce!

Check out some of our favorite pasta recipes to see which one you’d love with pumpkin shaped noodles!

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