This Dad Made Wooden Desks For Kids Doing Remote Learning at Home and It Is So Sweet

Remote learning from home has brought all sorts of challenges to families everywhere. One of those issues? Desks have been selling out like crazy! But having a desk can make a huge difference in a kid’s life.

For one, it gives the kids their own space to learn and work (away from the kitchen table). One woodworker dad, named Mitch Couch, saw the need and he decided to contribute in a big way: by building desks for kids in his community.

A woodworker dad made 35 desks for kids in his community. Source: Reddit/Goodlyearth

Couch’s story started when he shared how easy it was to build a desk over on Reddit. While the desk was simple, it was functional. And, as he wrote, “The cool thing is they can store their items in it after they are done and it can be folded away later to take up less space.” As someone who has a small house, this sounds like a fabulous desk, perfect for kids of all ages.

Source: Etsy

He originally shared his PDF plans for the kid desks on Etsy, which were available for 99 cents. But then owners of a local Grocery Store outlet reached out to Couch after seeing his diy desk video and asked if he could help them build desks for local kids.

The Grocery Store outlet owners donated the materials, and Couch got to work building the desks. While he has had made 35, he expects to make more. After all, there is a significant need, and he’s willing to help in whatever way he can.

Learning from home has its challenges, but Couch made it a whole lot easier for so many his community, and we can all use more stories like this one.

Source: Etsy

Want to make a kid desk of your own? Instructions are available here. Or want to donate to Couch’s cause? He is accepting donations, to help with supplies, through his Venmo (mitchell-couch).

Source: Etsy

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