The Three Stooges

Last night Blog-Stedman and I went to a party and left the boys ready for bed all tucked into OUR bed watching TV for a special New Year’s treat.   The plan was to find a TV channel that was showing appropriate non-offensive programming for the next 90 minutes and set the sleep timer.

Blog-Stedman was excited when he found a Three Stooges Marathon.

I rolled my eyes and said, “Are you sure the boys will be interested in that?”

About 2.5 seconds later I could hear the boys giggling uncontrollably.

Question answered.

Blog-Stedman looked at me with triumphant glee and I went back to doing girly hairdoing stuff which was a little more difficult amid my involuntary head shaking.

Blog-Stedman sat down with the boys to watch while I finished getting ready.   He told the boys how he thought that Ryan was like Moe, Reid like Larry and Rhett like Curly.   When I finished all four of them were giggling on the bed.

It is definitely a boy thing.

This was further confirmed at the party.   We mentioned to a friend what we had left the boys watching The Three Stooges and his eyes lit up and said, “I am taping THAT marathon – so far I have 22 episodes!”

This lead to a discussion as to what order you SAY the Stooges names.   Based on my party research, women tend to say Larry, Curly and Moe and men are ADAMANT that it is Moe, Larry and Curly.


It is definitely a boy thing.

This morning Blog-Stedman was discussing the finer points of the marathon with the boys.   He asked which Stooge the boys thought was the funniest.

“Definitely Rhett” replied Reid.


  1. Hi Holly, My husband left your article “Mom’s Say the Darndest Things” on my desk this a.m. He thought I would relate. I write “mom” songs. My first CD is paradies (one original) of songs from the 50’s or from the movie “Grease”. Like you, I have an affinity to June Cleaver. That’s why I chose 50’s songs as my first mom album. As I enter the “empty nest” years, I hope to use my experience as a mom to encourage other moms. Mostly that “TTSP” (this too shall pass) and that it passes all too quickly. I look forward to sharing my songs with moms in 2010.

  2. That is so so so true! I caught Hubby covertly giggling at that last night. He was so cute. And he would SO deny giggling like a kid if ya called him on in. LOL!

    And it’s definitely Larry first, but for me it always goes Larry, Moe, Curly and Joe. Whatever happened to Joe, anyway? Or Larry. Or was it Curly they replaced him with? Or replaced with him? I bet one of our boys would know… LOL!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, DARLIN. May this be the year that all us Texas bloggers figure out how to get together.


  3. It’s just not funny. I live with three males who would say otherwise. I try not to let them watch it. I mean really? Do we need to find creative ways to smack each other? Totally a guy thing.

    Happy New Year! n’yuck, n’yuck!

  4. oh “the three stooges”… dad loved those guys and it was always Larry, Moe and Curly. =D

  5. But it’s true… Moe is in charge. Wut heck, doesn’t matter what order they come in. They’d always give us laughs. Happy new year!

  6. i don’t know what’s wrong with my boys but they just can’t seem to get into the stooges. and no. i am not complaining.

  7. I forgot the stooges marathon was on-dagumit!
    Happy New Year!
    The pic of the boys is just so sweet!

  8. Totally don’t *get* the Stooges, but that is the BEST pic of your boys!

  9. LOL I totally do not get it either—where I grew up they had a big festival with a ‘ginormous’ pie in the face throw. Just don’t get it 😉

  10. Three Stooges is SUCH a guy thing…you are SO right! Hubs got the boy to watch it too…all I could do was shake my head and be glad I have two girls coming up behind that.

  11. the stooges thing is TOTALLY on the Y chromosome.

    but i always heard it as larry, moe and curly. (or later, larry, moe and curly joe)

    of course, there’s always manny, moe and jack.

  12. ok here’s my take, i dislike the show more than dislike i can’t stand it. BUT. here’s my take on teh name thing. it’s rather obviously really
    an LCM is a chewy mashmallowy treat
    an MLC is a mid life crisis

    is it any wonder why women pick LCM and men pick MLC as their prefs? I think not.

    sorry no idea how I ended up here but like a weeklong rash I won’t be leaving anytime soon 🙂

  13. 🙂 This one made me LOL and afterwards I smiled for a long time.

  14. very helpful thanks!

  15. Kristen Yard says:

    You are so welcome!

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